National HERMES DAY (fun)...

  1. Wouldn't be fun to pick a day every month that everyone here knows about to take out there Hermes and wear her/him (for the guys out there). Then we may see an Hermes bag out in our neck of the woods, and we may meet a tPFer?? Also, an excuse for wearing her/him out more....and oneday every month b/c your weather may not permit taking out your bag??

    How about it?? Everyone....pick a day and time?? Wouldn't this be FUN:yahoo:
  2. Fun! How about th 24th of every month for 24 FAUBOURG!? Easy to remember, too?
  3. SECOND!:yahoo:
  4. Third!
  5. Throw S'Mom into the mix!!!!
  6. Let's get Hermes-ed out: belt, scarf, watch, necklace, charm, bracelet, bag.............
  7. I'm game. Great idea NHL. :yes:
  8. Now, this made me laugh! 24 it is!!!

    23 days and counting!!!
  9. Sounds good! :flowers:
  10. This sounds fun! I'm up for it!
  11. GOOD DAYthe 24th of every month!!

    I'm in .....

    So I now declare every 24th day of the month

    :yahoo: :yahoo: National HERMES DAY!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: WEAR as much Hermes or at least your bag or bags if you want on the 24th of every month if weather permits to show off your baby!!!
  12. What a fun idea! I'm totally game!
  13. that sounds like fun. and maybe even take pics of what we wear on that day!
  14. 24th sounds good! hermes appropriate!
  15. What a great idea!!