National Dipped Fruit Week! Edible Arrangements for $10/box

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  1. Thank you! We ordered one last time it was $10. So delicious!!
  2. argggg too bad this wasn't a month away. totally would have ordered one for my mom's bday. however that probably would have been mean to tell her she needed to go pick up her own bday present lol
  3. Thank you, I ordered one for tomorrow.

    My local office said they use bananas, apples, pineapples and strawberries, and fill orders, with whatever they have available. They said that you can request any two of these fruits, but you have to do a phone order, and not through the internet.
  4. Thank you!!! so excited.
  5. :nuts:
  6. oh thank you!
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    so deelish...just picked up one today!! (see pic below...:yahoo:) thanks!!!

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  8. BUMP!!! Today's the last day!!
  9. we had 2 boxes over the weekend. my kids can't get enough. just ordered two more boxes for pick up tomorrow. hoping we get some bananas, they are our fave.
  10. They are doing this again. It goes until January 23rd. There is no code. I just called and ordered.
  11. Heh,'s my birthday on the 22nd, so I just ordered 2 boxes that I will sharing with friends and family on that day! Thanks for the post. I'm looking forward to the treats.
  12. Happy Birthday! Glad I could help you celebrate.
  13. I did this last year and I have to say the strawberries for the promo aren't anywhere near as big as the ones you pay the big bucks for. Mine were a bit mushy and not sweet.
  14. Thanks OP and brownmom! I just ordered 2 boxes for mine and dBf's lunch picnic date tomorrow :smile: