national body challenge 2007

  1. is anybody else doing discovery health's national body challenge? Discovery Health :: National Body Challenge 2007

    it starts january 13, when you have the option to go to a location for a weigh-in (and, i believe, a "before" picture). and you get a FREE 8-week membership to bally fitness (sign up for bally by jan 16)! and EVERYTHING associated with this challenge is free!!!

    i have a friend who did this last year and it was just the motivation she needed and she got tons of support (online and at bally). and she looked SO much better, even after only 8 weeks!

    i just figured, heck, it's discovery health- can't be that bad. you get recipes and all that to move you towards healthier's definately not a quickie weight loss thing (they only recommend losing 1-2 pounds a week anyways).

    i was hoping that we could have a little group on here for some motivation!
  2. anybody?
  3. That's pretty cool! I hadn't heard of it! So are you going to join?
  4. yup! fully intending to! (though getting to a bally will be hard...there isn't one near here...but i'll definately still be working out)!
  5. I would like to join, but may just join on the same day and not actually sign up- I have a different gym membership and classes, and know what to eat, but need to work out and tone up! So maybe I could join the same day and check in etc!
  6. sounds good, megs! and that goes for everyone else on here!

    i know, personally, this is going to be hard as heck- and i could really use the extra support for those 8 weeks! (i get frustrated very quickly and tend to give up...)

    eta: you can track your progress on the body challenge page, if you already don't elsewhere. might be helpful to some!
  7. I saw an ad for this in one of my magazines & was thinking about doing it. I'm already a member at Ballys...been for about 2 years, but haven't really gone but maybe a total of a couple months LOL! Yeah I think I'm going to join..anything to lose some weight.
  8. I'll have to take time later to read more about it. No Bally's around here, but the online support couldn't hurt.