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  1. Well here is my collection. It is small but growing. I have Fendi, Chanel, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Hermes, Coach, Dooney and Bourke, BCBG, and Louis Vuitton.
    coach.JPG DSCN0002[1].jpg DSCN0020[1].jpg DSCN0023[1].jpg DSCN0024[1].jpg DSCN0025[1].jpg
  2. Did you get the pics I watermarked for you back?

    Great collection!
  3. Such a nice, varied collection. I'm in Charlotte Nathansgirl, where are you in NC?!!
  4. nice collection...
  5. Love your LV pieces, very professional and chic !
  6. It is stunning!:biggrin:
  7. great collection. I love your Birkin. Also fabulous variety and far from small:flowers:
  8. Great collection. :heart: your kelly & Black Purse!
  9. VERY NICE!!! Drooling over your pink Birkin!!!:love:
  10. Great collection. You have such a beautiful variety of bags.
  11. Your bags are beauties, I love the LVs!
  12. great collection... thanks so much for sharing!!!
  13. Nathansgirl ~ Such A Beautiful Collection!!! :smile:
  14. BagLovingMom ~ I Didn't Know You Were In Charlotte.....So Am I! We Need To Have "The Hills Party" ......Ha! :smile:........Me, You, Nathansgirl, Sophia, Abandonedimages....Who Else Is From Here (I Know There Are Others)? We Should Definitely Get Together!!! :smile:
  15. i love your birkin and your speedy! :heart:
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