Nathaniel's LV collection

  1. I started to like LV when i was 16 yrs old. then i start to own one 2 yrs ago and from the first lv bag i buy and i just cant stop craving for more till now and in the further...:drool:
    i hope the pic is ok cos it taken from my hp....

    btw i am a boy :smile:

    here is some of my LV Bag mongram & miroir collection:

    1. Keepall 45
    2. Danube
    3. Montsouris
    4. Neverfull GM
    5. Mini Ellipse
    6. monogram Lv wallet
    7. panda keychain
    8. Alma miroir monogram GM
    9. Cabas Mezzo
    lv1.jpg Lv2.jpg LV3.jpg LV4.jpg LV5.jpg
  2. Great collection- love the miroir and Keepall!
  3. Lovely collection, Nathaniel!! What are you going to buy next?
  4. i going to buy Suhali Lockit GM in Brown hope to get it this oct for my birthday present :yes:
  5. Nice collection! Congrats!
  6. Excellent collection!
  7. thanks:yes: hoping to add some multicolor collection in it to bright up my bag collection :smile:
  8. wow NICE especially the alma miroir :drool: plus a suhali lockit next -> i'll say u are the :king: !! so if i do see a guy with alma miroir in singapore i'll know it's u lol :graucho:.
  9. nice collection
  10. Really a nice collection. It'll look good with some MC added.
    BTW, how do you keep that futon clean?
  11. Thanks for the comment...:yes: valleyoppressed, frankiep, chichi143, sewon, petrina, maggienannan, gacats ... well yep i thought of getting a speedy multicolor and multicolor koala wallet to my collection well got to get em' one at a time :amuse: but the suhali lockit Gm i will get it first then follow by mc collection...:p well i do regular cleaning once every week for the futon
  12. i love the alma mirrior! it's the only way i'd wear an alma.
  13. Exquisite collection. Congratulations
  14. I love the miroir, i want one!
  15. Fabulous collection!!!