Natasha Silver Metallic What Do You Think?

  1. It looks like it belongs in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  2. It's hideous. I'm sure this is one bag I will never warm up to and come to love. Put that thing in the microwave and it would catch fire...LOL
  3. It looks like a posh turkey roasting bag!
  4. I just saw this (and the gold one) at Nordie's yesterday. It does NOT look better IRL. Trust me.
  5. It's just too much. So shiny and...ugh! Who would buy a bag like this? :confused1:
  6. Hey! If you ever get stranded on a deserted island, you could flash out an SOS to overhead planes with it. This purse could actually save your life! :popcorn:
  7. I think I'd rather die than be stranded on a desert island with that bag!
  8. Or....the thing could work like a magnifyng glass and you could spontaniously combust if you were to carry it on a sunny day! :p
  9. Think of the many uses for this bag. Here's one more: you can use it to reflect the rays of the sun on your face so you can tan wherever you are!
  10. So, I guess we better all hurry up and get one, because this multi-purpose bag will be flying off the shelves!!! LOL
  11. Speaking of being stranded on a desert island, you could probably fry your breakfast eggs on it too.
  12. Wow, need some sunglasses for that one - yikes!

    I am actually not a Kooba gal but I was in NM on Friday and the SA showed me the Natasha bag in a gunmetal pewter color & I LOVED it!!!! I haven't found one online yet but I'm heading back to NM on Monday to pick it up. I've been thinking about it all weekend!

    The bag's design is fantastic - to think that it can be converted to a larger tote with the flick of the straps on the sides is wonderful. I love the idea that I can carry it as a handbag and throw in all the stuff I need for my kids by using it as a tote and bypass the diaper bag all together - tremendous! Sometimes its just not practical to have the diaper bag & a handbag when toting around 2 little ones.

    :heart: :heart: :heart: this bag in pewter -- the silver & gold are way over the top for me but the pewter definitely makes the metallic mark for Fall. Check it out IRL if you can before you order this in the silver - I really think you will regret when you see the pewter IRL. :sweatdrop:
  13. I dont think the silver will be on the top on anyones list LOL! But now the pewter in the Natasha sounds like it might be a good one. Cant wait to see that one.
  14. I think it might be pretty on a smaller evening bag, but it's too much for the natasha