Natasha in Gunmetal

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  1. I ordered one from on the 24th..waiting for it to come.
    I paid more than I usually do for a Kooba...but I saw this bag in store and thought
    it was really cool looking.

    Anyone own this bag?
  2. Yep, I do! I love love love it... I got it about 6 weeks ago, and haven't really used another bag since. It *is* really cool looking... enjoy it! :yes:
  3. Out of ALLLLL the Kooba "new" bags, this is the one I would actually have to say "yay" to. I saw one in the mall in a boutique - of course, full-price, but OMG....what a fabulous bag. It's just such a strong statement. I absolutely adore it. Perhaps someday......
    Hey - when you get yours, please post pictures? I would love to see someone wearing it so I can drool some more.....:tup::heart:
  4. Yeah, I was at the mall and saw a girl eyeing it and she tried it on. That's when I looked at it a different way. I ordered one and still haven't received it.
    I will post pics and I"ll need all your opinions...stay tuned!
  5. I'd love to see pics! This is one style that I still really want..
  6. I have this bag and love it! The color is amazing!
  7. I'm still waiting for her...she should be arriving today b/c I ordered her from Shopbop on the 24th!!! Damn holiday delays LOL :smile: I can't wait to get it!
  8. Okay, I got her today and I'm unsure about the bag - I LOVE the grey gunmetal color in patent - I'm not a big fan of patent - however, in this color I like it a lot.
    The bag came from Shopbop all "scrunched" up in the box. I worked at it and pretty much reshaped it to look right (I Like the sides folded up and not all the way down).
    Anyway, I'll post pics and think about it - if not it's going back - it's not like I could sell it and make a profit or something - I paid over four hundred dollars for it - so I rather get the credit - I doubt this would sell for $500 to get what I paid back (including fees and paypal,etc). so --- I'll post either tonight or tomorrow the pics - please let me know what you think.. thanks!
  9. ^Oooh, I can't wait to see it!
  10. Ahhhh!!!!! Why and how would a company send such a beautiful AND pricey bag in such a horrible state? I bought a bag from Luna Boston not too long ago, and it was such a nicely packaged box....they even included a wonderful little chinese sachet soap with a holiday note in it, thanking me for my purchase.
    Ugh. Shame on ShopBop.
    I'm so excited about pictures though. Make sure to take pictures in front of the mirror though, so we can see what it looks like on you!!!:upsidedown: