Natasha goldenberg style thread

  1. Who Director of Kova&T Russia
    Favourite brands Missoni, Kova&T, Phillip Lim, Vika Gazinskaya, Balenciaga
    Best shopping Department store Printemps in Paris
    Musthave Leopard scarf, Kova&T jeans, a jacket with big shoulders, like my mum used to ware in the eighties
    Most economic purchase Converse All Stars, you buy three pairs and wear them your whole life
    I will never wear I am afraid to say that. Fashion can change tomorrow - and we all will want to buy the clothes we hated yesterday
    Fashion advice Mix pieces that you think you can't wear together, clothes in different colors, cheap and expensive fabrics and buy Grazia, each thursday I give fashion advice
    Biggest mistake in fashion Total look of the runway

    This is also from Harpers Bazaar, the information is about 1 year old.
  2. Is she married?
  3. She's so cute when she smiles!
  4. Is there something in the water over there in Russia? All these women seem to look so gorgeous and age soooo well! They should bottle it up and sell their secret.
  5. ^^^ LOL... I'd buy it!
  6. luv Natashas style, esp. her bags!
  7. So glad to see Nat has her own thread! I love her, I think she is so adorable.

  8. yes, she is married.
  9. .
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  10. Are you sure? I thought Aleksandr was her boyfriend.. how do you know she is married??
  11. Yes I though she has a boyfriend.
    I don´t think she is married
  12. I love her with both short hair and long hair. its rare to see that both styles suit her :nuts:
  13. ^^I totally agree with that.
  14. Yes, I think she is married . In the miroslava duma thread ( part I ) say this. But I am not sure 100%.
  15. no she is not married its her bf