Natasha goldenberg style thread

  1. Maybe the lace is hand-made or something....
  2. That's possible. But do I love it enough to shell out 2500 euros for it? No, I don't think so. :biggrin:
  3. its not 2500 its 1250 ive ordered it
  4. Kukuna is it Balmain jacket we are talking about or? :smile:
  5. no tzipporah lace dress
  6. oh that , nice dress indeed .Hope you can put modelling pics wear it well ;)
  7. Could someone please ID her necklace and shirt ? :smile: thanks in advance :smile:
  8. ,
  9. Is Tzipporah still only stocked at stores in Russia (from the website, it appears to be)? Has anyone purchased any pieces from her line...any reviews?
  10. can someone ID her watch? I believe its Rolex...but not sure which model

  11. Looks like a regular 36mm Steel Men's size Rolex with silver face & oyster bracelet to me, this one doesn't appear to be a datejust. (no date) but it could be steel + white gold.
  12. oh it is a date just i just noticed the bubble
  13. Great~~Thanks for the info...i'll try to search it ....:smile:

  14. Anyone got picture from Paris Fashion Week ? She's staying at Mandarin Oriental Paris.