Natasha goldenberg style thread

  1. Where Natasha living?
  2. I think she is living Paris for a while.
  3. I'm sure it's by the Gaydamak sisters... here's their site:
  4. Yep! You were right! Thanks honey! :kiss:

    I also found the price... :amazed::faint:
  5. No worries hun :hugs: Yeah, the price is, uh, big :p
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  7. in Paris
    Natasha1.JPG Natasha2.JPG Natasha3.JPG Natasha4.JPG Natasha6.JPG
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    the same
  9. Can anyone ID her chunky gold necklace? ^^^^^
  10. Celine
  11. Her looks are always so much fun! I love the way she mixes and matches.
  12. she looks good !
  13. I love the last look! I remember seeing an Instagram photo with that coat she postes a while ago. I was actually wishing it was a jacket. :lol:

    Does anyone have an ID?
  14. Happy Birthday Natasha!!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  15. instagram