Natasha goldenberg style thread

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  1. well i saw that plenty of you were interested in starting a natasha thread so i'm just doing the beginning you do the rest!:yahoo:
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  3. Oh wow thanks for starting this, there are some pics that I have never seen before!
    I think Natasha dresses more like americans haha. I like her style alot. :tup::heart:
  4. hehe actually natsha mentioned in an interview that she prefers americans'style . Take a look at the interview :

    It is very rare to find a living and breathing IT-girl who is as accessible, friendly, and full of life as Natasha Goldenberg. The Moscow native lives life in the fast lane, and always brings along her fashionable friends for the fun ride. Natasha is a mainstay on the global street style sites; The Sartorialist himself named Natasha one of Moscow’s best-dressed! It certainly is no surprise, as this spunky Russian beauty embodies an infectious joie de vivre.

    Natasha knows how to make a statement, both with high-fashion pieces and vintage finds. We can’t lie, either - if roles were reversed and an interviewer asked the behind-the-scenes editorial team of TSM whose closet we would want to raid, the answer would be unanimous and instantaneous: Natasha’s! And remember: you saw Natasha here first. Trust us, this chic young woman is going to explode onto the American style scene in a big, big way!

    What’s your trademark look? Your ensembles are always so brightly jumbled and fun!
    It’s a mix of everything. One day it’s boho, the next it’s grunge.

    I’m Director of Kova&T Russia.

    Where do you find your inspiration?
    Inspiration is everywhere. Movies about my favorite eras like Factory Girl, TV shows like The Rachel Zoe Project and The City, and books about great fashion icons. Mostly it’s from my friends and in my favorite cities.

    What fashion pieces are you currently coveting?
    A vintage Hermès Kelly Bag 40c in any color, but navy with gold details would be my dream!

    What can you not live without?
    I cannot live without my friends, my true love, big sunglasses, and iPod.

    You’ve been known to get behind the tables and play DJ. Speaking of your iPod, what music are you grooving to?
    My favorite music is Madonna from 80s until her latest album. I love all pop, like Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and my Russian music, which I love. It’s Basta, Bumbox, and Nino Katamadze.

    What are your most beloved fashion finds?
    My favorite items are my travel Hermès Kelly bag, where I keep my entire life and always find surprising things, a vintage Missoni dress from the 70s which is my last best buy, and a Yves Saint Laurent jacket from the same era.

    Is it safe to say that your favorite fashion era is probably the the 60s or 70s? Whose closet would you love to raid?
    Absolutely the 70s - it’s so hippie and so, so me! I admire stylish women like Carine Roitfeld, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Whitney Port, and Lou Doillon.

    You’re a total jetsetter! What are your favorite haunts in different global destinations?
    In Moscow it’s Denis Simachev Bar and Cafe Mi Piace. Now we’ve got Nobu, which is my favorite all over the world. As for global destinations, I really love France. I’m all about it. Paris is my number one city - my favorite place there is L’Avenue. In NYC, I love the driving, fashion, and people. I love Bagatelle in the Meatpacking District - you have to go there one day for Saturday brunch! L.A. is the best for relaxation, which you can only get there.

    You and your best friend, emerging style icon Miroslava Duma, are such a chic team. Street style photographers flock to you. How did you meet?
    I met Mira when we were 12 at school and we fell in love immediately. She is my best friend from a really small list of close friends I have, because after a lot of disappointments I’ve come to better understand that I’d rather have two real friends than a lot of girls who never stand up for me.

    What are some of the major differences between Russian and American style?
    It’s such a big difference because our girls can only mix expensive stuff with even more expensive, new collections with newer collections. The best look is a total look from some fashion show, so for me it’s not so interesting. I really love how Americans can mix everything. I love how they wear vintage stuff and can accessorize any dress, no matter the price.

    What do you hope that the rest of 2009 brings for you?
    The release of my small collection for Kova&T.

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  7. ^ oooooooooh AWESOME! this is great, she said she loves the City aahhhh hahaha

    again thanks for posting this interview. Natasha is like the mix of Mira and Olivia with a really nice modern touch ;) haha if that makes sense.
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  9. hhahaha yeah i agreee
  10. Thanks for posting! Natasha is so cute, she has great style.
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  12. Love.Love.Love her style!! Thanks for starting this thread!!
  13. awesome. such a pretty girl and I love her style as well!!
  14. Love her - great thread!
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