Natalie Portman's LE vegan shoe collection!

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  1. Let us praise Natalie Portman. In a world of train-wreck starlets, she stands as a beacon of good sense and great taste, not to mention ethical decency. Now you can walk a mile in Portman's shoes: Today, the Te Casan web site is launching pre-orders of Portman's own footwear range, a collection of 20 totally vegan looks for both the street and the red carpet. Portman's collaboration with Te Casan marks the actress's entry into the crazed universe of celebrity self-merchandising, and raises the question: Why shoes? "As a vegan, I don't wear leather, fur, or feathers," Portman explains. "Shopping for clothes hasn't proved too difficult, but finding chic footwear has definitely been a challenge." That challenge was no doubt felt acutely by Portman's stylist, Kate Young, who helped set up the Te Casan partnership. "We met with Kate and Natalie to discuss what Natalie was looking to do," recalls Te Casan president Yaniv Shirazi, "and it was immediately clear that this would be a fantastic collaboration. There are so few animal-free collections out there, and Natalie's ideas were really great, in terms of style." An added bonus, for consumers who like to clothe themselves in a clear conscience: Portman is donating 100 percent of her proceeds to The Nature Conservancy.

    And a link to the actual shoes:

    I actually LOVE the red patent mary janes. They are so hot! I am seriously considering a pair, especially seeing as all the proceeds go to charity. How cool of her to do that! :tup:
  2. I was waiting for her line to come out! I admire her convictions - I'm not as steadfast myself and think she's a true celebrity role model, rather than the trash who get more press
  3. It's out now and my size is already sold out on the website in every style *sniff*

    Anyone know the actual fit/sizing on te casan shoes?

    Is it worth a trip to soho to see if there are still any in the store?
  4. I love the prettiness of the shoes, but with that price I expect leather (yes I know she's a vegan I understand convictions since I was a vegetarian for 12 years). It's just I always feel vinyl should be less expensive :sweatdrop:
  5. Cute designs, and I like the idea that she is donating money to charity, but I hate vinyl shoes...
  6. I like the styles too, but agree that vinyl just seems like it should cost less. I guess maybe if the shoes were made from recycled materials and you were helping to save the earth? ...

  7. i lovee natalie
  8. Were these her shoes? I thought they were Lanvin. :shrugs:

  9. This thread is 3 yrs old
  10. Thanks - I hate when I forget to read the date at the top...
  11. The line went out of business several years ago...I don't even think it made it a whole year before it folded. It's a shame because we need more eco-friendly designers out there...