Natalie Portman's Bag

  1. Hey everyone! I need your expertise! Do you happen to know the name/brand of the two bags that Natalie Portman owns:

    Bag #1:


    Bag #2:

    Bag #1 seems kind of popular among suburbanites and I think the second bag is cool!

    Sorry that I couldn't just find pics of the bags themselves.

    Thanks for the help! :yes:
  2. I have no idea???
  3. The first bag reminds me of a Vera Bradley bag, but I am probably wrong.
  4. The first one IS a Vera the red bandana print that has been retired. I have a travel bag in the same print.

    I'm not sure about the second one...maybe it's LeSportsac?
  5. I agree, the first looks like Vera Bradley. Don't know the second, but it is definately not leather because she is a vegan I believe anyway.
  6. Thanks so much for the help everyone! :yes: Hmm, I still wonder about bag #2...

    Perhaps a closer image of the print on her bag can help some of you identify it? :idea:

    Unknown Bag.JPG

    Thanks for all the help! I really appreciate it! :yes:
  7. Maybe Marni? They make really whimsical bags.
  8. I just did some research today... I don't think it's Marni but can it be Fornarina?

    Ah well. I'll let it go.

    Thanks for your help! :yes:
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