Nastygal quality?

Dec 31, 2016
Has anyone ordered a decent amount or products or perhaps an entire outfit from this site? I have seen many things I like on there, but I have been reading mixed reviews on the actual quality of the items and the materials they use.


Apr 5, 2014
Nasty Gal's brand just got bought in end of February by another retailer. I haven't purchased from them yet. But I know the original Nasty Gal's stock wasn't acquired. They have different suppliers but I'm hoping they will start to purchase from some of the ones the original did.

You will also find mixed reviews since the original Nasty Gal purchased different brands for resale plus had their own lines. I found most of my items to be amazing, but I did look at the photos, info, and user reviews to carefully to gauge what or how thin the material was and how the sizing ran. I don't think the new site has as much info or care into descriptions and photos.

I'm heartbroken about the loss of my fave retailer so I may be biased that I haven't been very impressed with what I've seen online of the new offerings. I see a lot of vegan leather or appliqués rather than leather or embroidery and that has me wary and afraid this is more generic stuff like Forever21.

At the 40% sale that's currently going on, if you see something you love, it might be worth a try.