Nasty seller on ebay - hughie8465

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  1. #1 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    If anyone is dealing with this seller I would just like to warn them they have just really really upset me.

    I asked for a second time :

    "I have had no response to you from my message from 3 days ago.
    1) Why are you selling?
    2) Does the sizing run half a size small, as all CL's are erratic - any advice?
    also 3) What are the pen markings crossing the Cl logo and on bottom of shoe? Is this to do with the runway - are you in fashion?

    Response appreciated or cannot bid. thx"

    I got this reply:

    "1) Uh, stupid question. This is ebay. I am here to sell. 2) All CLs run
    small. This pair is no exception. 3)It says why on the item
    description and it is none of your business what industry I am in."

    I may be over-reacting but the garbage he has put on the item description says "pls ask me any qu you like, pls don't hesitate to ask anything, read all my feedback everyone loves me, I give the best customer service" - it goes on and on and on.

    You may all think I am over-reacting but I have never been talked to like this - I find sellers generally want to help. Sorry if you think I am being silly but I am so MAD I thought I should at least start this thread so I have some way of not allowing others to be treated like this.

    If you are dealing with this seller, good luck to you, at the end of the day if you want something buy it, but in this case I will not even go near these shoes as I'd rather pay more and be treated with respect.

    Am I right to be upset??
  2. Hmm wow that was a little uncalled for. You want people to bid right? Don't have to be a jacka**. That's what I would have told him :boxing:
  3. The seller was rather rude. I don't think your questions were out of line. I have gotten some stupid questions from buyers before (yours were not stupid), but I was always polite.
  4. OMG! Wow, that was really mean & you do have a reason to be upset. The seller invited you to ask questions then shut you down when you asked reasonable questions! Clearly all CLs don't run accordingly so all she/he could've said was that they weren't sure for this specific shoe! How rude!
  5. I'm a little shocked that someone would answer like that.
  6. I got a nasty response from him also once. Not as bad as yours.
  7. I'm surprised that this seller would've responded to you in such a manner. I've bought at least a half a dozen items from this seller in the past (a couple of years ago) and have never had any problems. However, reading the completely unprofessional reply to your questions I certainly wont buy from this person again.
  8. I completely concur. No reason for that sort of behavior. This could be a stretch but I don't think this person deals with the public. No one would respond like that who did.
  9. That's a bit pathetic. Don't bother bidding on his shoes if he acts rude.
  10. Would it be completely childish to all email him thru eBay ourselves - all asking exactly the same questions....? :devil: Hehe yes I know it is completely childish but I'm in a bit of a mischevious mood and I don't care for rude people... :P
  11. While I appreciate that he was been honest with you, the way it was said was definitely uncalled for. There are lots of ways to respond to a question in a nice and pleasant manner. It should not matter how silly or off topic the question is.
    I would not buy from this person if this was the response I was given. It would turn me off and I would go find someone else who would appreciate my business and my $$$!!!
  12. Lee, lol!!! You should totally do it!!!
  13. That response was un called for.
    I have bought many things from this seller also with no problems.
  14. Obviously this ass should NOT be selling anything and interacting with people. He has no customer service/people skills whatsoever....stupid question or not(in your case, they were normal ?s), he should not have treated you like this....if anything, he should be nice to you-you could have been the potential buyer and made him some money. sometimes, i just really dont get people and the way they think...sorry you had to experience it....
  15. I agree. You have the right to ask questions. This is not the corner department store. That seller is just being nasy and I think you are right to pass. Give your business to someone who cares.
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