Nasty SA? How 'bout Jealous SA??!! roflmao

  1. Hi interesting occurrence transpired today at NM as I dashed through, on my break from work, spreading New Years good wishes. Of course the new vinyl Coco was perched proudly on my shoulder, and one of the SAs spied it. She says to me "Oh, i could get you alot of money for that bag!" I just smile and pet it. THEN, almost in the same breath, she continues "Almost every vinyl Cabas we have gotten in here has been returned because the women either think its too big or looks like a garbage bag" yeah riiiiight.....thats why the thing is sold out all over the world and there are lists to get on the list. Yeah they return the, a transplant patient returns his new heart.......................geeeeeez
    do you think she was jealous???
    ::continuing to choke with laughter::
  2. No, I think she was drunk.:tispy:
  3. Sounds like someone was trying to talk you out of keeping yours!
  4. Speaking of SAs, after I opened my big box from Saks on Christmas day and got over my hysteria, I asked my DH how he was treated. He said the SA was very friendly and helpful. This is good to know since I plan to visit the Chanel boutique there myself in the (hopefully near) future.

    Sorry, totally OT.
  5. I would have put the bag over her head..ROFL......How nasty a*s is that of her to say everyone returns it???EEK!
  6. HAHAHA. She's just mad that she couldnt get one for herself!!! take it with a grain of salt, you have one of the most coveted Chanel bags!
  7. ::sunny smile:: thanks ladies...yeah......i really did take it with a grain of salt but it was such a perfect story to tell here................hey, she coulda been menopausing too but, i think she was too old for even that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. maybe there were a few returns from a couple unhappy customers.... :: please don't kill me ::
  9. I'm SURE there's been some returns. People waitlisted like mad and it can't possibly be the right bag for everyone.
    But she negated her validity by prefacing w/ "Oh, i could get you alot of money for that bag! . . . "
  10. ...thats awesome. If so many of them were being returned, then she shouldnt have had a problem getting one for you. Seeing how much you like it pisses her off even more!
  11. i agree with jen ....
    your bag is HOT ....
  12. thanks ladies, i so love the support on here, and the honesty
    oh i do definitely know that some were returned, but (and i may have left this out or glossed over it in my original post in this thread) :the SA did say "More are returned than are bought!!"

    Now, we know that's not quite true?

    too bad there's not an emoticon for sour grapes :roflmfao:
  13. Wow! I wonder what makes an SA turn like that! It does sound like sour grapes to me!! Sometimes, I really wonder about the world of SA'ing. I'm glad you have your bag and that you love it! That's what really counts!
  14. What a *****! You should've offered to sell yours to her for $500, watched her jaw drop and overflow with drool, then walked away cackling. Am I evil?
  15. Actually, I thought that was very funny! LOL! Maybe I'm evil too!