nasty nasty nasty... ima die

  1. :evil: :evil: :cry: :cry: :mad: :mad: o-chem

    im crazy.. have been crazy... will be crazy forever if this o-chem thing is not over
  2. yikes! that's one science class I'm not looking forward to taking.

    Stay strong and study hard! it'll pay off in the end. no more hf and pf ok?! you should reward yourself... get an A on the exam and buy 5 pairs of jeans!
  3. I heart O-chem. My favorite!!!!!

    Ha! J/K! It was alright though. I felt what you were feeling trust me.
  4. g-chem was fun... love it
    biochem... still have 1 left.. but love it

    o-chem is nasty.. .i dunt even wanna think about p-chem
  5. I wasn't a big fan either... hence I changed my major from molecualr genetics to psychology!
  6. o-chem is the absolute worst! just focus on the fact that if you do well and focus yourself, itll be over before you know it and you'll never have to deal with it ever again. im pretty sure the happiest day of my life was walking out of my organic 2 final knowing i never had to take chemistry ever again. haha

    good luck, you'll get through it :biggrin:
  7. I've always been bad at Science, and thankfully O-chem was one of those classes I managed to skip in college.

    Good luck with everything!!! Sending good wishes your way :biggrin:
  8. organic was the only subject I made a C in during college... hang in there.
  9. You are a braver soul than I! After struggling through Chem101 as a matriculation requirement, I didnt dare register for Organic!
  10. hey hang in there! If I could get through it, you can too :love::love:! You'll look back on it and say... "It wasn`t so bad.. it was actually sort of fun!"

    Well maybe not the last part :lol::lol:.

    I`m taking Ochem lab right now. It SUCKS!!:sick::sick:
  11. Ugh I have to take this class in the future. I've only heard terrible things about it.
  12. Oh you'll do great! I took it and did fine all for not though, I became a lawyer!
  13. Haha, I still have flashbacks to o-chem, it was the hardest class I took in college, but I loved the lab. You'll get through it!
  14. Good luck with that class- I remember it but being the geek I am, I actually enjoyed it. Now p-chem, ugh!