Nasty colleague and her cheap fakes

  1. i posted this previously.. I work alongside this extremely obnoxious B*T**:censor: . Nobody she has worked with likes her but the reason she is still around for decades is because she is desperate enough to bootlick and sway with whatever direction the wind blows. The street has it that she has no backbone and will just pander to whomever is in power....She treats all suport staff like dirt but will turn around and be real pals if she needed stuff/assistance from them. She is a pain to work with as she talks loudly and does not ever stop yakking like all insecure, incompetent people ...and has to rely on verbal diarrhea to overwhlem people who don't know any better.
    When I first joined this current firm, she acted like my new best friend and loved everything I did, wanted to shop together and everything I bought.. she only told me she did not fancy Balenciagas as she didn't see what was good about these "shapeless things."
    Someone else blew :bustedher evil facade :yahoo: and we found out that she had been backstabbing people behind their backs while actively keeping me out of the loop on projects/discussions so she could take over my coverage responsibilities. (we are peers but she is older. however, I am the one with the track record!)
    When I distanced myself from her after seeing her true colours, she started to carry Balenciaga FAKES.:girlsigh: So fake you'd be disgusted they were ever made. When I carried my INK, she'd carry her brown $20 fake from Chatuchak market (stiff handles, colour looks like a plastic Tabac..). When I started carrying my Vermillon, she changed to a horrendously tomato red plastic fake.
    I just walked past during lunch and realised she has changed to a salmon pink fake now that I am carrying a Lilac06. sigh.
    I know it's best I just ignore her funny antics :wacko:and also, her bad taste may not be directed at me... so I just want to vent to my fellow PF girlfriends cause I am sure you understand the surge of disgust that wells up in me when I see her fat double chin and remember how she tried to actively sideline and backstab me in face of the putrid fakes she struts around with! :bagslap:
    Okay, I am fine now :okay: chill :happydance:
    I'll enjoy my life and ignore all these plebs!
  2. Unbelievable -- how AWFUL! Yikes, she must be the most miserable person inside.
  3. Argh! I hate people like that! She is sooo clearly jealous of you!

    Stuff like that reminds me of the creepy films - the ones where you pan back to their house and they have pictures of you all over their walls and a collection of stuff that that steal from you during the day!
  4. One thing that you can take comfort in... these fakes do not last that long. So while you are enjoying your real bbag for years and years, her horrendous fakes will just start falling apart in a few months.
  5. well she's the one that looks like a fool carrying those nasty things. what a miserable person. i hate people like that its good that you cut her off and don't hang with her anymore.
  6. wow! What a piece of work. She must be jealous of you to keep buying these bags. Shes a copy cat!
  7. Bullies can not derive enjoyment from their pranks if no reaction is given... I’d smile and be nice... and all the while calling her all kinds of names in my mind :yes:
  8. I never thought of that.. but I did think of the zip getting stuck etc and I burst out laughing.:p
  9. Thanks BlueHourGirl, Anna Jane, Anufangava, NYCbelle, Tyaz and girlycharlie... it's comforting to know I am not being paranoid. One of our colleagues just noticed she bought a new watch... she admired my watch (pink pearl diamond Rolex) when my husband bought it for me last yeat...she bought the exact same one.. but with steel face.
    This is like that single white female movie abt copycats.. eeeeks. Funny thing is she is like probly 10 yrs older and 3 sizes bigger than me.
  10. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.... it's probebly fake too :p Maybe she'll get a rash from the metal band :p
  11. Okay, she is a nut job. She is either trying to purposefully piss you off w/ her disgusting bags or is so jealous of your amazing style that she would stoop to such a slimey level.

    The only thing you can do is not give her any power over you. Ignore her, as hard as that may be and when you have to deal with her, kill her w/ kindness. This tactic works wonders. Keep us updated on the style stealer.

  12. HOW annoying!!! That lady obviously has "baggage & issues galore~!". What you're doing by keeping your distance is great... no point in wasting you're time or energy on a "ungeniune" person who can't seem to figure herself out. Let her "fake baggage and issues stay with her fake self" Keep your head up high & dont let that fake person with fake bags & fake personality .. get to you! :hs:Just think of her as the horse... hahah hope that wasnt too impropriate~!
  13. Thanks.. I'll do just that. I keep earphones on at work. I really love the work so she is not reason for me to leave.. though she will be happiest person as she can get my high profile coverage...:wlae:I will never let her get the better of that unless I find a superb offer elsewhere..
    it's hard though as I have to watch my back every meeting and every minute as I never know when you'd die from the covert operations on you in this place.
    was just chatting to my hubby on way to work about my PF B-support.. :dothewave:and he remembered how she went out to get a series of frame bag Pradas after I was carrying old Prada Doc bag I owned... but she is on uggh B fakes now... yes, she is a serious nutter.:dftt:..
  14. If she's really getting under your skin, I'd say speak to her one-on-one and let her know that her copying is really getting on your nerves. Of course, she will probably be defensive and say things to the effect of "You're jealous/petty/sensitive/whatever", but at least your message would have been brought across and give her something to ponder about.
  15. no point. i have better things to do and try to ignore people/things that should not take up my time .. it's hard. she'd be defensive. I have seen/read abt species like that before .. she happens to be the most toxic lunatic one I have ever encountered... but as with all things in life, they just slowly fade away when you distant yourself and take them out of your lives.
    even if I felt strongly, I cannot "confront" her so to speak as anything I say or do will be used against me... this is why I'd only prefer to rant here... :nuts: I used not to understand why my former colleagues did not talk or speak to her and now I understand it is because she will twist your words/actions to discredit you while pretending to your best friend... she is the type who would make like she knows you very well and yet drop little bits of info to discredit you like" oh yes, she is trying to move house.. may be that is why she is not so focused etc.."
    someone once told me to treat work snakes like one would a real one.. with care, caution in every calculated step and never have your back uncovered while with them... it's true. I learnt a lot after "working" along with this looney. what I am thankful for are that God is still merciful and my family, friends and fellow PFers help me keep sane!:wlae: