Nasty Co-workers anyone?

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  1. Have you ever worked in an office that was supposed to be an upbeat enviroment but the other workers were more low key and didn't have the same enthusiasm level so they gave you dirty looks and had attitude?
  2. Not coworkers but classmates....I go to school on time, do all my work, and get awesome scores on tests, and it seems some people don't like it.
    They talk under their breath, give me dirty looks but it doesn't bother me.
    I'm going to start working soon so i'm not looking forward to all the work drama!!!
  3. Honey, everywhere you go will be like this.

    You just do what you can to make things upbeat for you! Good luck!
  4. Thankfully my colleagues have as much work to do as I so there is no time for dirty looks etc.; most of them are quite nice people, anyway. But there are some black sheep; I guess you have to live with that...
  5. There were a few in the school that I taught at, thank God I am out of there now!
    I hear the atmosphere is still just as bad :sad:
  6. Welcome to my world.

    Sometimes I can't understand why people can't be mature and civil - it's just a job.
  7. So agree, I can never understand people *****ing, no need for it!
  8. NO thank God.