NASTY BUYER! sent me payment that I can't cash or need over 2 months to clear

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  1. Someone won my LV Multicolore Jessica Shoes on 19, March.
    I stated clearly I only accept banker draft, bank wire and since I can't accept PayPal by the limited number of service here.

    After she won, I sent her an invoice including bank wire and banker draft instruction.

    I clearly NEVER stated I accept cashier check or money order coz there's no service or agent here that I can cash them.

    This buyer is staying at UK but looks from Asia. After a few days, she informed me that she's sent me international cashier check while I've told her clearly, I only accept 3 payment methods above!

    I won't accept check because it'll take 3-4 weeks to arrive here and need over 1 month to clear it even I'm not sure if I can cash it since there's no service nor agency here for cashier check~payment methods here are so limited

    I totally not appreciate especially after got her message below:

    I've never done it before that's why I must check it
    with the bank and that's what I was told about wiring
    I also asked about Banker Draft and Money Order and
    was advised to buy the International cashier check
    which is a form of what you requested in the listing.
    I intentionally want to pay off for these shoes as
    soon as I could, that's why I sent you the check which
    is the fastest way to reach you at this point.
    Please be patient. The payment for those shoes have
    already been taken care of.
    In the mean time, I can't do anything else but wait.
    Please, keep-in-touch.

    She asked me to be patient but why she even didn't bother
    to tell me she would send cashier check??

    Yes, yes, I know she's pretty sure I've no way except
    be patient since she's sent me payment out of my terms!

    She'd ask me before do something disappointment!
    I never encountered a seller who will be patient to wait
    till 2 months if there's no agreement before.

    I think she's cheat me by this way!

    Should I cancel the transaction and relist it?
  2. that's weird...I got a cheque before from the USA and it took only a week to clear, is it different there?
  3. Do you have her item?. If so, then I would not mail it until the payment clears. Throw the ball back in her court and tell her that when the payment clears then you will mail the item since she did not honor your selling terms/instructions. If she chooses not to wait then it will be her decision to cancel the transaction not yours. Let her be the one to make the decision so it does not reflect a negative towards you. IMO
  4. Isn't this the second time this happened to you? I don't understand why people can't read the entire listing.

    You have the right to return the payment and file with eBay to have auction relisted at no cost to you. I guess you should put the payment terms in bold print and a larger size print, underline it. And state that you will leave negative feedback to anyone who tries to send you a different form of payment.

    Good Luck

  5. I guess so coz I still have un-clear traveller checks from my buyer of LV Cherry Blossom Pap. Need 4 weeks to arrive here and need other 4 weeks for bank to clear it since my bank need to re-sent to AmEx USA then send back here :shrugs: that's all the process, make me confuse...
  6. Yes, I still have my LV here. She asked me to wait and be patient. She might be able be patient for 2 months but it's so weird, wait 2 months for her payment?? It's unusual...
  7. Yes, hold the item until the check clears then send it. otherwise you might get scammed.
  8. can't she just do it through bank wire transfer? did you ask her? Its so simple to do it that way
  9. Yes, that's I asked her. Wire transfer or bank wire is one of payment methods I can accept. She gave me reason that bank wire will take 3-4 weeks to arrive while it's non-sense coz I've received bank wire from USA, Asia & Europe and it took 3 days from Asia and 5 days from USA & Europe. I guess she won't pay her bank fees that's why she refuse use bank wire anyway, she should not to bid if she can't follow my terms :push:
  10. what? bank wire will only took 3-5 business days tops from and to anywhere in the world!
    and as hat i know, she'll only be charged like 20$ right?
  11. maybe she doesnt have the money in her account and thats why she's using a cheque...maybe she gets paid monthly or something liek that :sad:
  12. I would tell her you are canceling the transaction since she didn't follow the terms of payment.File with eBay and tell her you will send her check back when it arrives. Some people need to learn that the world doesn't revolve around them. If she can't follow the auction rules she shouldn't have bid.
  13. I emailed her that she'd I ask me first etc but no response. Now, before I relist it, I'll email her first but what I should to do if she's no response, too?
  14. That's the point! She might be think as I'm a new seller on eBay, I totally know nothing about it and trying to lie me! I've sold some LV in another auction site than eBay since 2 years ago and pretty know about bank wire process, she 'catch' wrong person to accept her "story" :push:

    Not all banks will charge $20, some banks even ask for $5.5 only. My bank did it and you totally right! Bank wire will take 3-5 days only, she lie me~3-4 weeks?? Just in her dream
  15. Amen! Give her 2 days to respond to your email & then proceed. You are folowing the rules & she isn't. Sun doens't rise & set on her a$$. Even though her parents taught her it did. :cursing: