Nashville Louis Vuitton

  1. We just got a Louis V in the mall at Green Hills. (Nashville) (At least I think it is already open) Curious as to whether anybody has been to it? I am heading there soon...

    Also, I am new to designer bags and wanted to know if it is better to go to louis vuitton or a department store? Is it the same either way? I imagine LV may have a better selection, but are the prices the same? :confused1:

    Any thoughts?
  2. Prices are the same throughout the U.S. (except Hawaii). If you order through eluxury it is cheaper in the sense that you do not have to pay tax (and shipping is free right now as well). Generally, the boutiques and dept. store locations will have all styles available on display--the boutique may have more in backstock (that's what I have found anyways).
  3. Oh wow! I moved from a beautiful neighborhood close to these but just inside Franklin. I used to shop at that mall but it SO meeded a few higher end stores, glad to hear you got one!
    We used to get a burger at the burger joint across from Harolds :love:
  4. How funny, I currently live in Franklin. And YES, we did need some more stores. The two that opened recently were LV and Tiffany.
  5. Ver nice! :biggrin:

    We used to eat at a little Grandmas house. . . she had serious chicken salad sandwiches, I saw a celeb or 2 there once.
    Do you know where I'm talking about?
    Barbara's maybe{?}
    I think it was close to Grassland Grill{?}
  6. so, is it open?
  7. if you live in Tennessee you have to pay tax from eluxury.
  8. Yes it is open! The SAs are pretty friendly there also, I deal a lot with Talvin personally. I am so glad that Green Hills finally got a couple of high end stores, I just love that mall. Its the closest upscale mall for us.
  9. I'm so excited to go there. I'm going to Nashiville over spring break.
  10. Yep, Nashville store opened before Christmas (my brother lives in Nashville) Icon on the website is for bags, shoes and sunglasses (though that will include the costume jewellry and scarves/books etc)

    And because one of the distribution centres for Eluxury is in Tennesse, then unfortunately, you will be one of the two(?) states that does pay sales tax via Eluxury.

    The store is supposed to be nice, enjoy!

  11. OMG, yes, love the biscuits in Barbara's, her restaurant is for sale now,so sad...
    I live in Brentwood. Let me know if you need ny update from Nashville.;)
  12. That's who I deal with too. He is so nice, and always keep the stuff he know I will like.
  13. yes, they have a warehouse in TN, like to know where that is:devil:
  14. I was just at Green Hills today. I was in a rush and didn't go into LV. They seemed to have a lot of spring shoes displayed. Unfortuntaly, tax is soooooooo high here. Whenever I buy something expensive, I have it shipped to my mom in Florida.
  15. Great Idea! I just bought three chanels, cause there weren't any tax for them to ship to me----I guess that 's not a very good excuse:graucho: