Nashua NH shout out!

  1. I went up to Nashua today to drop off my Natural Willis (some of the stitching came completely off on the handle :sad:), and they were so kind to me, as usual - waived the fee, no problem. They also sent me a $50 gift card earlier this week, which I think is going to go towards a violet duffle during the next PCE. All of the SAs in there are great, just wanted to share :smile:
  2. This is my FP store!:yahoo:Don't you love that Sephora is right next door?
  3. I sure do! I usually hit Coach, Sephora, Express, then dash out through Target!
  4. That's my FP store. Not only is it tax free but they have great people working there.
  5. I never even realized there was a coach there. My office is in Nashua though I am rarely there.
  6. I did stop in last week to check things out. They were very nice;))
  7. I think I'm going back on Wednesday to use my PCE to order the Violet Duffle :biggrin:
  8. Love the Nashua store. They are very friendly, helpful and patient!
  9. This is nice to hear I'm not usually in the Coach forum, but my Dad's Mom's sides' extended family hosted the last reunion in Nashua & Lowell, MA; so I clicked when I saw this in the New Threads link. The people in Nashua were all lovely :smile: