NARU seller: and now?

  1. Tonight I won a Dior keycase and I was going to pay now, but the seller is not longer a registered user. What should I do? Should I contact the seller? She was a 100% positive feedback with 23 feedback, but this fact seems fishy to me and I think I'm not going to pay. Am I doing the right thing? What if she leaves me a negative feedback (but really, can she? She's not registered anymore). Any advice?
  2. If I remember correctly (seeing eBay rules sometime ago), once the seller became NARU, the buyer is not obligated to pay. The NARU member can no longer sign on to eBay so he/she will not be able to give you a negative feedback. Sometimes NARU status was due to not paying eBay fee. You could email the seller and question him/her, or keep an eye on the NARU status in case it changes later.
  3. You should be receiving an email from ebay letting you know the status of the seller & that you can no longer receive the item. Once they are no longer registered they have no way to leave feedback on the transaction.
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    i recently won an item on ebay and the seller became NARU'ed as soon as i was him who contacted me to let me know he was having probs with his ebay account and that he was posting the item...which he promptly did. ebay never contacted me to let me know about the seller's status.
  5. I think once a seller becomes NARU, eBay will contact those unfinished listings' bidders their bids are all canceled. eBay will not contact finished listing bidders.
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    thanks, i thought ebay would contact all!
  7. I sent an email to Ebay customer service, I'll wait to see if they answer. BTW, the seller didn't contact me
  8. I don't think you will be required to pay. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. I would wait on the payment and give it a few days to see if the status changes - especially if they seller lists a lot of high end items. I have seen very reputable sellers NARU due to Ebay suspending accounts, account fees, not paid, etc.
  10. Ebay replied promptly, here is what they told me:sad:translating from Italian)
    "We're sorry that you're having troubles and we understand your concerns about paying an item to a non registered seller. We inform you that the seller's account was suspended because he/she infringed Ebay laws, but according to privacy I can't inform you which law was broken.
    To avoid any scam, we suggest you not to go on with your purchase and to ignore any seller's request to pay the item off Ebay.
    Concerning your question about feedback, we inform you that NARU users can't use Ebay services anymore, they even can't leave feedbacks for listings that have already ended. If his/her account changes, the user can leave feedback for his/her transactions within 90 days from listing end."

    I'm definetely better now!