NARS multiples

  1. i must say that I jumped on the "multiple orgasm" train, and find that it looks 100x better when layered with the powder version.

    i also LOVE South Beach and Portofino.

    so what are your favorite multiples that NARS makes?
  2. I have Mauritius....although I LOVE NARS, I'm not a huge fan of the multiples because not many colors can I use on my lips and eyes....and when I put the multiples on my cheeks, they seem to make my pores more noticeable...

    sometimes I use it kind of like a cream blush though....not all of the colors are suitable for my skin coloring
  3. i saw where NARS was making the multiple in "orgasm" now. i want to try it (just haven't got to it yet) as i have it in the powder blush and really like it.
  4. I want to buy it, I am new using NARS (their lipglosses are A+ and I recommend anyone to get it) I was introduced to the blushes and I have yet to try them.
  5. I like copacabana, I don't use it much on my cheeks but have and it makes for a nice little highlight. Other than that I like it on my bone brow, a dot in the middle of the lower lip, and for a little shimmer in the decolete.
  6. it truly looks fabulous when paired with the powder blush. i prefer the powder on the bottom with the multiple on top...a lot of MUA reviewers havent liked the orgasm multiple because it is very frosty, but i find if you blend well, its not too shimmery
  7. maldives is gorgeous! it doesnt look it if you are just looking at the stick, but once it's on, it's very subtle, yet pretty. I've had "south beach" for ever, mostly becuase I live in south beach and couldn't resist. they are great for traveling, i have to pick up orgasm now
  8. actually on my skintone, mustique multiple has more of the effect that the powder orgasm blush. the orgasm multiple i bought and returned right away b/c i looked like a child with glitter on my face.

    i love all the multiples, but my faves are mustique, maldives, riviera, & south beach, these four give me more glow than color.
  9. Oohhh I want it! I love the color. I love their lipstick in Sexual Healing.
  10. I also use copacabana for highlighting! It looks so natural but it can really pack a punch if you use more. I also love Malibu for a slight flush under bronzer.
  11. I received Riviera as a GWP and HATE it. its been sitting in my makeup case forever...I also try to go back to it, but the texture of it is def. the most gritty and dry of the multiples. Maybe I just havent found the perfect way to use it yet, but I just cant make the texture work for me...
  12. For those of you that use the Multiple as a blush, do you find it applies better with certain types of foundation (powder, liquid, etc)?
  13. i think i am the only one that hasnt tried nars orgasm yet :shame:
  14. I'm loving my Portofino Multiple. It's really a quick fool proof fix when Im rushing in the morning.
  15. oh i never thought of layering it!! thanks for the tip!