NARS Lovers Thread: Post questions/Chit Chat, Purchase and Codes...

  1. Good to know! I'll have to try that next time!
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    I do love the Sheer Matte foundation in Barcelona. I forgot about it because I'm not using it right now. I do want to move on to Sheer Glow next!
  3. I'm quite a bit darker but I love Casino bronzer as well.

  4. I've heard great things about that Yachiyo brush but have not taken the plunge. I have just about every MAC brush ever made plus some other brands so its so hard to justify new brushes. LOL
  5. OMG Albatross is my most favorite highlighter EVER! I have quite a few brands that I use and am fond of but Albatross is still my fave. It gives the most amazing lit from within glow on my skintone.

    I'm not quite sure if its universally flattering for all skin tones but on me it's the bomb! LOL:p
    You should totally go into the store and try it. Seriously. Don't use it as a blush because its gold and shimmery. Just try it on the top of your cheekbones.
  6. Yay! A NARS thread!

    I am in love with NARS blushes. I just bought Albatross yesterday!

    Also I'm a fan of Casino bronzer too and I'm fairly fair with yellow undertones.
  7. Some of my latest NARS purchases

    Cheyenne eye shadow duo
    Coconut Grove eye shadow single
    Rajasthan eye shadow duo

  8. :biggrin:


    Got another NARS sale code tip for you, readers. Take 18% off your purchase of $70 or more at, now through Wednesday, December 15. The promo code is 12731CP.
  9. I recently purchased this set - LOVE it! I had a multiple years ago but rarely used it. I really like the Orgasm mini-Multiple!

    So Famous set:

  10. Iluvbags I have a feeling you are "around" the same color as me, how do you like the Cheyenne duo? I bought an extra when I got one as a gift and I am not sure about the bronze by my eyes.

  11. Cheyenne looks nice in the pan...especially for $10. I was afraid about the reddish color but I think that it can be deepened with a bit of brown shadow to offset if the red does not agree with your skintone

    The bronze would make a good lower lash liner for a pop if you are afraid to use it on your eyes. Or else you could just use it on the inner rim instead of the whole lid
  12. I recently bought the super orgasm gloss. Is it me, or do the glosses have a nasty taste?
  13. You basically answered what I was asking that I never asked: about the red :kiss:. Thanks!
  14. does anyone know what the bento box exactly is and why it's pricey?. i'm very curious