NARS highlighters?

  1. I've been looking at NARS albatross, gold rush, Machu Picchu, and Venus - but I have yet to see them, or use them IRL.

    Anyone have a review for me?

  2. I just started using albatross and I like it. I had been using soming similar by Lancome (a while ago now) and then something by Stila. Lancome product was discontinued and I always have a hard time finding the Stila product.

    I use it on my brow bone and also under normal blush. I like a glow-y look. I also mix smashbox artifical light into my normal moisturizer.

    The NARS is a bit darker than the others I have used in the past so I usually take some off with a clean stiff bronzer brush so it is not too overwhelming.

    I have dark brown/reddish hair and an olive complexion if that helps your decision...
  3. I purchased Machu Picchu, Gold rush, & albatross. So far I love them all.

    Gold Rush is a beautiful gold sheen. I used this on top of a bright poppy colored blush. Great for evening.

    Albatross - I didn't think I would like this when I saw it in the pan, but somehow it works. It gives your cheeks a spit shine sheen.

    Machu Picchu - this is between the two. A flesh color with gold sparkles. Better for day than gold rush.

    I love highlighter and sparkle - so I couldn't resist these!
  4. Come on ladies - you've GOT to try these. I've been using NARS goldrush over my Shisedo creme stick blush and it looks TDF!!!
  5. dumb q, but- how do you apply it? under powder blush? over? straight from the stick or with some kind of applicator? i could never figure it out but i've been wanting to try them forever...
  6. ^^^I use Shisedo's creme blush stick in rosey, then use the highlighter on top. It adds a nice sheen to your blush. :heart:
  7. Yup, highliter on top of the blush. I use Tarte's gel blush and then a shimmery cream by Revlon which came as a gift with a lipstick LOL. I'm looking forward to a new one, I think mine has gone bad already. I'll be sure to check out Nars's!