NARS duo and cream eyeshadow recommendations?

  1. I need recommendations for NARS duo and creme eyeshadow colors.

    Nars Duo Eye Shadow at Sephora

    Nars Cream Eye Shadow at Sephora

    If I want a more neutral daytime look, which colors should I get?

    If I want a bold nighttime look?

    If I want a gorgeous smokey eye?

    I know nothing about makeup but just got a lot of NARS makeup that I'm going to exchange.

    Also, how do you wear the Rated R duo eye shadow?

    Thanks so much.
  2. How would you describe your skin complexion?
  3. Beige with yellow undertones.

    Thanks! :flowers:
  4. i'm a huge NARS fan!

    I'm asian and i find that All About Eve is the perfect duo shadow for every day use and high lighting (you need that under the brow area when u do smokey eyes)

    For smokey eyes, I love using the cream eyeshadow El Dorado as base and the duo eyeshadow, Star Sailor. I use the dark green (works beautifully with brown eyes) on the lid, and use the gold to high light the front bit of the lids.

    As for a bold night time look, i like to use El Dorado as base and use Night Clubbing on the lids and to line the bottom of my eyes(dont' forget to smudge a little).

    Another two colours you may want to consider is Lola Lola (single shadow) and Blondie (also single).

    Blondie can be used with El Dorado or About Eve for day look. It can also be used to fill in brows.

    Lola Lola is great with All About Eve for normal day wear or layer it on for a smoky look and pair it with smudged brown eyeliner.

    Wow..I sound like a NARS freak, LOL! Hope that helps!