Nars Cosmetics?

  1. Hi, is there a Nars outlet or place to buy Nars cosmetics at a discount? I see lots of eBay sellers selling it but I've yet to find an outlet.

    Thank you :heart:
  2. No NARS Outlets exists.
  3. The best deal Ive gotten is at Sephora with a coupon
  4. So, just curious - how do these eBay sellers get the Nars products to sell? They def sell below retail so they must be paying below retail...
  5. Employees of places could sell with their discount (I'm sure they're not supposed to...)
    Also, there are some people who get old dept store idea how that works, but I've definitely seen people with stuff like that (some people have a TON of stila Nordstrom LE bags/makeup cases)
    I would just be careful buying on eBay...they have a lot of fake mac (i know...fake cosmetics?!) be sure you know the product you're looking for. also, make sure it's not a product that could be expired (creams, foundations....stuff that could get old and icky)....I'd try to stick to only buying powder products incase they're old
    Also, sephora has a F&F sale once a year that's 20% off everything...theres a code that always floats around online. That would probably be th ebest time to stock up
  6. I was once bought a loose powder from ebay, I was curious with the price listed so I purchased it just too see if it's the exact same thing. About a week later I got my loose powder package in the mail, and guess what?? It was so FAKE. They printed the box the label the name of the color and everything, but it's so FAKE looking. And the powder?? I dont know what the heck it was, but it was more like those baking powder than make up powder. I got so made and emailed the seller but my email was ignored.

    But honestly, I dont think buying make-up on ebay is a good idea cuz I after all it's make up we're talking about here.