Nars Bronzer,too brown?

  1. So, I ran out of bronzer this morning. Ive used the same bronzers for years (either Dior bronzer or Guerlain Terracotta) and I have been happy with both. I normally use either and a pinker/peachyer blusher on my cheeks to make them 'pop'.

    Ive always loved the Dior bronzer and the Guerlain bronzer. They are rather orangey- and I have quite a yellow skin tone base (mediteranean heritage), so it worked well.

    But I do find the older I get the more I need contouring- to give my cheekbones a little help, shall we say! So upon doing some research I found that Nars Laguna got some pretty good reviews. So I went into Space NK (sans and blusher on) and tried it out tof ind that it didn't come up on my skin (I guess I am too tanned for it) so the assistant advised me to try Casino. It looked alright but a little too brown I have to say (not golden)- but she convinced me that it looked great. then recommended the blush Orgasm, which looked fab.

    I felt I was a little ushered into buying it but I was relatively happy with it so took them, then died a little inside when I saw the bill! 40odd pounds!! (thats 100USD!!!).

    Now having spent that much money I should be thrilled with the product- my question is does anyone feel Casino or Laguna is a little TOO brown? And does it look grey or dirty on anyone? See it seems to look good for contouring but maybe not for the golden bronzer out and browner one in?

    I just need to be convinced that spending this much for the bronzer (obviously half of it was for Orgasm as well- but Ive heard so much about that I guessed its good!) is worth it?

    I really would appreciate thoughts and recommendations from people who has used this before