Nars blush HELP!

  1. I know there are several other threads about the same topic, but I really need help! I'd like to buy a Nars blush, but I have no ideas about the right colour for me. Unfortunately, I have to buy it online because there are no shops here that sell this brand (so I cannot go out and test it). I have an olive skin with yellowish/greenish undertones (it's easy for me to get tanned in summer, but in winter I always use foundation, otherwise I look sick :sad:

    Just for reference, here are two pics of me
    (no make-up)
    (with make-up)

    I have read lots of enthusiastic opinions about the 'Orgasm' hue, but even about 'Deep Throat' and 'Outlaw', that maybe are more suitable for olive skins.

    Thanks everyone for your replies!
  2. I think Orgasm is a shade that looks good on everyone.

    I have Orgasm and Deep Throat and love them both!
  3. I ordered Orgasm the other day (haven't recieved it yet...), but was also considering Deep Throat.

    They look similar in color from what I've seen online. Do they have their own look to them...?

    Apparently from the NARS website--Orgasm: peach pink w/ shimmer, and Deep Throat: Peach w/ shimmer. Is there much difference between the two? If so, LOL might have to add Deep Throat to my to get list. :graucho:

  4. I have deep throat and Orgasm, I love them both. I think Orgasm has more shimmer in it and maybe a tad more pink. Deep throat is more peachy and a bit darker. I think Orgasm is quite a safe choice.
  5. ^Hmm, Thx!!!!!!

    So, would u say Orgasm is for a more soft pink look....(to wear with light/soft pinkish lipglosses) and if you wanted to wear a nude lipstick/lipgloss it would go better with Deep Throat being it's more peachy/nude? :shrugs:
  6. ^agree with noon...I have both...and love really can't go wrong in my opinion!
  7. ^Ut Oh.......:sweatdrop:

    YIPE! :p LOL!
  8. I like Deep Throat, but Orgasm just works better for me. :p I think it looks good on any skin shade. It's the only blush I use really..I rarely switch.
  9. Which shade would you recommend for somebody with really pale skin? I'm like bone white!
  10. Thanks everybody! I think I'll go for 'Orgasm' :smile:
  11. My skin is tan and Orgasm doesn't look as good because it only adds a lil bit of shimmer but no color.
  12. I don't know, i'm about an NC30 in MAC and for some reason orgasm does not show up on me...maybe its the way I applied it:confused1: i would keep applying but i got little color payoff and ALOT of shimmer. Deep throat seems to work better for me..more pigmented and less shimmer (at least when the sephora SA put it on me??/)
  13. How about Crazed? My friend has olive skin and it suits her perfectly!
  14. I haven't recieved it yet.....I'm hoping it works. Ya, I'm olive skin.

    I'd kinda like to get "Deep Throat" also.....the more the merrier!! LOL!! :p