Narrowing it down...

  1. I know FOR SURE that I want a grenat and pretty sure that I want a twiggy.

    The city and work bags are nice, but they are too similar in size and shape to the bags in which I carry my PC & I think it would look dorky to carry two bags that are about the same size and shape.

    Does anyone carry their PC in their b-bag or does it stress the leather too much? Mine is big (15" screen) and fairly heavy, especially when considering that I have a long-life battery, the plug-in power thingy and I always have at least one textbook and misc. binders, etc. in there as well.

  2. i never carry my laptop in my b-bags, i carried it in my edith, but some girls here carry their laptop in their work
  3. So have you changed your mind from a twiggy to a city or work? Or are you going to try to put your laptop in the twiggy? Because I'm pretty sure it won't fit in the twiggy, but it will in the work.
  4. I would like to get a work if I could carry my laptop in it, but I am afraid that carrying something that heavy might mess it up.

    If I can't carry the PC in the b-bag, then I am getting the Twiggy so that I am not carrying two bags of similar size and shape together.