Narrowing further - Epi Speedy 25 in Mandarin or Mono 30?

  1. what would be your choice? (i promise to make a decision this decade!! :nuts: )
  2. epi mandarine without a doubt
  3. Epi... but then I'm biased. :smile: Assuming you like both materials (epi and mono canvas), then it really just comes down to how big a bag you need.
  4. I do like both, isn't the epi 25 a bit bigger than the mono 25?
  5. Get the epi in mandarin. However LV did tell me this particular color is hard to get now.
  6. I have an opportunity to get a pre-owned (barely) for about $530 :smile:
  7. That's a great price! And I don't see ANYONE w/this gorgeous color! Definately go for the mandarin!
  8. thanks everyone - i'm leaning towards the epi!
  9. just got a nother pic of the purse - does this wrinkling look normal?
  10. epi mandarine for sure, the mono speedy will be around forever and you can get that later on.
  11. Epi Mandarin
  12. epi all the way!!!
  13. Epi Mandarin. I love mandarin!
  14. This is alittle sidetrack....Juliet2000! Is that your avatar Ralph Fiennes :nuts:
  15. The wrinkling on that one looks just like mine, so yes, I think it's normal! My only complaint is that the speedy 25 seems smaller in the epi than in the mono. I have both, and since the epi leather isn't as flexible as the canvas it's a bit harder for me to get things in and out/find things. I still love it, though.