narrowing down... help me pick a color for my first bbag!


my very first bbag - which color?

  1. a city anthracite

  2. a city marine

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  1. i've narrowed down for my first bbag purchase to a city and i'm considering either an anthracite or a marine. it's limited to see all the colors where i live so i've actually not seen anthracite irl but all the pics here look amazing. i did see marine (not in city but in other styles) and i really like that color as well.

    i'm looking to use the bag as an everyday bag (all year around!) and i mostly wear jeans/casual.

    i'm a total newbie so any suggestions/recommendations will be helpful for my first purchase. in general how are the leather quality for the two colors?

    ugh i so wish i could just go down to a store and see the two colors and pick one, but i have to blindly call balNY and phone order so it's really frustrating!

    oh and can you actually wear a city across your body? i always thought the strap is not long enough but i saw a pic floating around where a girl wore it like that and thought it was cool. did i see a fake or is that possible?

    thank you for your help!!
  2. I'm pretty sure it's possible to wear a city across the body. The leather on my Vert D'eau is gorgeous now (initally it felt thin, but she's become smooshier with wear - don't know HOW that happend, but I'm happy it did! lol). So far I've read good things about other 07' leather. I think the earlier 06' leather is what alot of people complained about :yes: Between marine & anthracite I prefer marine - I haven't seen either IRL though!
  3. Anthracite is a great chameleon colour and will blend better with your wardrobe than marine. Also marine is too navy for my liking. Oh yes, you can put the city cross body with the strap but it can be snug fit, I guess it depends on how skinny you are.
  4. Gosh, that's a hard choice! Both colors are gorgeous! Although I love anthracite, I'm going to have to go with Marine on this one. I think it's the more versatile option. Good luck on your decision, and do let us know what you pick! ​
  5. oh and i forgot to mention... i'm looking at the regular hardware not the giant. thanks! :smile:
  6. I'd go with's a great neutral navy. Anthracite is just ok in my book. There are better Balenciaga chameleon-like colors (i.e.- Ink)
  7. hmmm......prefers Anthracite.....:rolleyes:
  8. My vote goes to anthracite for an everyday bag
  9. i voted anthracite!

    love that color.
  10. Anthracite!! I love the "chameleon" colours!!
  11. between the 2, I'd pick marine
  12. Hard one but i'd say anthracite
  13. Marine
  14. Anthracite - chameleon color would go great w/your wardrobe.
  15. I voted Marine because I've had both and Marine seems the most versatile.