Narrowed my choices

  1. Ok, I was trying to decide between a new wallet (Zippy) or purse, but I think my old PTI is fine for another few months. SO, I am trying to decide between the following:
    BH, Popincourt Haute, Cabas Piano, or??? any other suggestions for a shoulder bag about the same size/price range?
  2. My vote is for the Popincourt Haut! I have this bag and its my fave!
  3. Is it comfortable on the shoulder?
  4. I vote for BH or cabas piano.
  5. Neverfull? I really like the PH though, it's such a cute shoulder bag! And you don't have the vachetta bottom of the CP to worry about...
  6. Oh, and the PH is very comfortable on the shoulder, with the flat shoulder straps. Also, I like that the straps are adjustable, so that if I want to wear it on the arm or carry in the hand I can do that too!
  7. That's a good point. I don't want to baby this one like I do my others. I want to be able to take it out if it's raining (not in a downpour, but drizzly kind of rain)
  8. Yes, that's a big selling point for me. And, it zips on top.
  9. Popincourt Haut gets my vote.
  10. Oh, and I forgot to mention....I'm barely 5'1" so that is a consideration.
  11. I vote for BH!
  12. BH, have you tried it on? Great bag.
  13. No, I'm going to the store when I get a chance - sometime in the next week. I hope to have a new bag by the middle of next week! I'm just so indecisive.
  14. Cabas!
  15. Popincourt Haut! I have this bag. Like someone else said, the adjustable straps were a selling point and the lack of vachetta on the bottom - not a huge issue when you have to set it down somewhere.