Narrowed it down to two...last request for help I PROMISE!


Narrowed it down, now help me decide between:

  1. Anthracite Work with RH

  2. Aquamarine Work with RH

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  1. Thank you everyone for weighing on my poll a few weeks ago. Now I need help again, I am wracked with indecision. I never knew that being on a ban until now would make me so neurotic about my purchase, but I can only buy ONE bag this season (until Fall) and I am going crazy.
    It's going to be a Work size. I would like a year-round bag. Here are the stats again:
    Blonde, blue eyes. Wardrobe: dark colours (black turtlenecks/skirts, boots are a staple from Oct-Mar.). In summer- light and flowy dresses, pretty much exclusively.
    I've narrowed it down to 2. The Aqua Work or the Anthrawork. I'm nervous because nobody has the Aqua Work except BalNY and they only have a few left, so it might sell out. But they won't lower the value like Aloha Rag so it will cost me an arm and a leg to bring to Canada.
    I'm wondering which colour is more year-round. I'm worried the Anthracite will be too dark and muddy for summer, but also that the Aqua will be too bright and clash with my other light colours (greens, blues, pinks) for summer.
    Any advice appreciated, I am completely stuck!
  2. I would go for AnthraWork : more versatile IMO than Aqua :smile:
  3. ITA :yes:
  4. ^^ I vote for anthrawork as well. I have it with gh and :heart: the color.
  5. Oh I know this feeling WELL!!!! :sweatdrop:

    It's like the minute you say "diet" you want to eat everything in sight :p

    I voted for anthracite based on the pics I have seen posted only, I have never seen it IRL. It just seems so versitile and it sounds like a great choice for your wardrobe.

    Either way though, you really can't go wrong :graucho:

  6. I vote for Anthra as well. I have it in the Work and I love it. It has one of the best leathers this season. From the pics I've seen of Aqua, the leather is hit or miss. Of course, this all depends what type of leather you like.......I love wrinkles!

  7. Agree with fromparis :yes: - I think that AntrhaWork is more a year-round color, even I personally would prefer the Aqua color!! I always prefer brighter colors, you know ;) :p
    Good luck with your decision stylefly :flowers: :love:
  8. aqua without a doubt
  9. Although I love aqua i think it may be too much in a work!I have it in a Giant Hobo, so my vote went for the anthracite!
  10. anthrawork!
  11. Aqua gets my vote... but I think I'm in the minority here.
  12. i vote anthrawork. good luck with your decision, i know it's tough!!
  13. ^^ my vote's for the anthra work :wlae:
  14. I voted for aqua because, from what I've seen, some people have said that Anthracite is hard to coordinate with anything in their closet. Also, I just think aqua is much more beautiful and vibrant. I just have to go with colors that make me drool when looking at them ... I don't care as much about coordinating exactly with my wardrobe!!!
  15. I vote for the Anthra Work, but I'm totally biased! As you can see the Anthracity is on my wish list! I think its such a gorgeous color that would look great on a bigger bag. I much prefer the Aqua in the First size. Good luck on your decision! ;)