Narrowed Down To Two.....


Choose steel or olive for my new F/W Bbag

  1. olive

  2. steel

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  1. But now which ONE?????? Thanks to the super nice gals at TPF I have narrowed it down to just 2:tup:. I am deciding between Olive and Steel with SGH. I was thinking Ocean before, but I have a feeling I will want 2 bbags with the new S/S 08 colors- and they will be bright and fun colors. So bye-bye to Ocean (though I love it with the SGH). I have Cafe and wear a ton of black ( too much!!!!!:p). Please help me make the decision so I can finally shut my brain off and buy one before they are gone:wtf:.
    Any and all comments are appreciated;). TIA!
    Sorry- but both is not an option since I want 2 for S/S:graucho:!!!!!!!!
  2. You know my vote goes to Steel. Even though I have seen the Olive and I feel it's beautfiful. By the way, did you find the Steel Day with GH anywhere besides BalNY? I am stills searching for that one with the Gold Hardware. I too wish I can just find it so I don't have to think about it anymore and I can just enjoy the bag. But yes go with Steel. You know you like that one a TAD more ;)
  3. Starbrite 310 I haven't found it yet! Though it doesn't sound like everybody has all of their F/W in yet- so I am crossing my fingers. I do like the steel a tad more- I think! There has been such a overwhelming positive response to Olive, that now I'm not sure. I know from my own experience pictures don't always do the colors of the bbags justice. I thought I better take a poll!!!!!!!
  4. Starbrite310 what makes you like Steel more than Olive since you've seen them both????? Thanks!!!!!!
  5. steel for me !!
  6. Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to confuse you. I have not seen the Olive in person yet. Only through photos. It does look like a gorgeous color though.

    But I have seen the Steel obviously in person and it's really unbelievably amazing. I love colors that change and with the Steel it changes through 3 colors. Dark Grey, Black and Navy. Really interesting!!! The Olive is still a Green and you must remember that not EVERYTHING will match with Green. You will get way more use out of the Steel.

    Hope I helped :smile:
  7. I love the Olive with SGH...........good luck making a decision!
  8. I voted Steel. I've seen the Olive and the color is beautiful, but I think they Steel will ultimately go with more. JMO :idea:
  9. I think Steel would be a better choice...the Olive is nice too but I like Steel just a bit better:yes:
  10. Both are really pretty but I voted for steel. Since you said you wear a lot of black I think steel would go with your wardrobe better than olive.
  11. I chose steel. I havent seen olive in the flesh but I have seen steel and it is lovely!! ;)
  12. I voted steel...I have the vert fonce dark olive...I love it..from what you sounds like steel will fit your wardrobe better
  13. Olive is warm. Steel is cool- very very cool, with the hints of navy and silver sheen. The olive with steel is my choice for SGHm, because I've never seen anything like it- a warm tone that is totally energized by the contrast of SGH- unusual! It would go with black. Do you use your cafe a lot? If so, the olive would be for you.

    That said: if you see a picture of the steel, and go "ooo!" (like I did with my First), and then, you open the box, and your reaction is happiness and another "ooo!" then, you need steel!:yes:
  14. Oh... this is a hard poll... i choose both. Heheh.. With whatever you color you do choose.. you cant go wrong. I have both.. and so far... they're both my favorite. Its too hard to choose. :shrugs: Great choices..
  15. I think it all depends on whether you wear shades of blue. If you love and wear a lot of blue, I think steel is a better choice. If you're like me and wear a lot of black but no blue (except for jeans), it's olive all the way.

    Here are some pics...maybe these will help ???