Narrow our lists to priority!! What do you think will go to outlets?

  1. I know some of us have a growing list of what we would like from COACH.. but don't you hate it when you see something you paid retail at the outlet? What do you think will make it there?
  2. Such a hard question...I think our SAs are the best to answer based on their experience as they see things sell.

    Personally, I don't let myself be too bothered by buying full price instead of waiting for outlet...because there are too many things I waited to get to the outlet...that never did. After having my heart break SEVERAL times at missing out on things...thats when I decided that my must haves I would go ahead and pay full price for. I really haven't been sorry. I think only ONE thing I bought full price ended up at the outlets...and it was because the rereleased the dots special for the outlets. I've been more upset at getting my 25% off coupon right after making a major purchase....but realize I probably GOT the card because of those recent purchases...

    PS.thats not to say there are things I liked full price but didn't buy that I then picked up at the outlets...the scarf print is a perfect example...I liked the tote..but not enough to pay full price....and I got it at the outlet for $105. But the scarf print cosmetic case I considerd a MUST so I bought it full price..and I think it and the hobo were the only bags from that line that didn't go to the outlet store I was at.
  3. It seriously varies because not everything goes to every outlet or even make it to the outlet. The factory stores get their own collection as well as past season items and it could take a year before that item even gets to the outlet.
  4. What prompted my question was the patent, but I do love it enough to pay retail.
  5. Since we have had such a hugeee response to it, I honestly think it will sell out before the outlets.
  6. I want the reversible stripe tote (I think that's what it's called) in gold but am afraid that I won't use it if I get it. I don't know if it will hti the outlets so I'm not taking any chances with this one. I played with fire for the Scarf print (I got it but I could've easily not have gotten it) and am not about to do that with this one!
  7. Oh thats good, then no buyers remorse!
  8. honestly i play this game everytime a new floorset is done because like everyone else..i just love a good bargain.

    for SAs, we get an additional percentage off the bags once it gets transferred to the outlets or to JAX (this is not consistent as they sometimes just have us send it back, but we get no additional discount, usually those item are really good sellers and would not make it to outlet...signature satchel with leather trim in white, gold, and black on black is a perfect example)

    so i alway think..what will still be there, do i want it now? or do i wait? one of the items i thought wasn't going to be a best seller was the MIA collection =X and i was somewhat right...

    since we've just had a floorset change you're probably wondering what bags will hit outlet, and you simply have to look at what was there, and what isn't there now, and know that those item might be at outlet

    looking at our current floorset, the khaki chestnut signature carryall in medium, the 298 one? was the best seller, the pebble leather is getting there, but not quite.

    the mosaic one in carryall was sold out within a week - the hobo had no such luck.

    the soho totes with two pockets on the side are doing pretty well, i don't expect it to be gone until after christmas along with the hampton's carryall collection, i do expect that the khaki chestnut one will sell out - it may be backordered, but definitely will sell out once holiday comes full swing.

    the stripes one in white has been a best seller, believe it or not, and probably coach will leave it there till end of christmas and it will sell out as well since stripes has always been a strong collection for us, not to mention it's signature.

    gallery totes too..i love the gold hardware and gold is huge this season

    patent leather, the white will be harder to sell, but the blue and mahgony is lovely...two years ago patent leather was able to make it to the employee's addtional discount list, so it didn't sell that great but with patent leather everywhere in magazine these days..i think it would be a hit.

    i do think the lace stuff that is coming out now will be a bit harder to sell. depends on the numbers they made. and the katy travel stripe bag...the stripe is beautiful but not everyone is going to jump on that big bag...i wish they made a smaller version..i can tell you the frame flap is a little impractical and would be harder to sell at that price point, just like the suede optic art wristlet.

    that's about it. i really love this season and it's not just cuz i'm a long as they don't have another fish fiasco or poppy flop i think we're going to do great this season.
  9. It's so unpredictable at times. Thanks for your input ms-whitney!
  10. I honestly never buy from outlets, i just stick with the regular coach stores
  11. Thanks ms_whitney, we all appreciate it.
  12. Oooh Ms Whitney can you elaborate on the Poppy Fiasco. Was this the most recent Poppy line (which got me hooked on Coach or the one before that the more boho looking one).

    For me, I've actually never made it to the outlet, but that's never to say I won't. I have picked up some pieces on incredible discounts at dept. stores, but my Mom and I are very loyal to our Coach store and SA (we found a GREAT one.)
  13. Since I live so close to an outlet, I am in there regularly. Its hard to beat some of the prices although I do miss out on some things.
    I even get irked when I buy something at the outlet and later it is 20-40% off!
  14. I'm curious now. What was the Poppy fiasco and the fish flop? Are you allowed to say? :confused1:
  15. Remember the poppy collection and the bubble fish collection? I'm guessing it had to do with its small popularity.