Narcoleptic dog

  1. Have any of you seen this YouTube clip:

    YouTube - Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog

    It's funny, but also very sad at the same time. I didn't think that dogs could be afflicted by narcolepsy.
  2. That poor thing!

    Did you see that thing on Inside Edition about that poodle named Skeeter?

    He looks SO miserable!

    YouTube - Narcoleptic Dog=
  3. I had a class on sleep and we saw a few videos of dogs with narcolepsy....its cute at first but then once you realize that even people have this disorder its humbeling
  4. that's so sad! like the owner of the poodle said, it really is like the dogs are trapped. it's worse than being stuck in a cage! :sad:
  5. This is seriously upsetting. I couldnt imagine having a dog that goes through this.
  6. :sad: Poor baby!! I would never let her leave my sight.
  7. People have narcolepsia too, and they aren´t asked not to live or walk outside so what´s the difference with a dog :shrugs: ? It´s a sickness, it´s not a death sentence. Atleast he is not in pain.
  8. That's SO sad! Poor thing.
  9. Awww...poor doggies!
  10. Yikes! Poor dog :sad:

    I didn't think that you fell asleep right away and fell over, I thought you would at least have a chance to lay down!