1. so, ok question. might sound odd but i like to look nice, well for myself. you know i dont want to walk by a mirror and and be like wow i look bad today, so i like to have my hair look nice even if its the evening. but my family thinks of it as like well its only us that will see you the rest of the day, but im like well i want to look nice. so they make fun of me and think its a "teenage thing". (which by the way i HATE when people say that.)
    so is it that wierd?
    and does any one else do this?:confused1:
  2. There is nothing wrong with having pride in yourself, your family should have more respect for you and encourage you - I see a lot of young people who really couldn't care one iota about their appearance - so good on you.
  3. Caring about your appearance is not narcissistic. Maybe nascissism is too extreme of a description for that?

    If you think the world revolves around you, that you are entitled to more than others just for being YOU, etc....that would be narcissistic.
  4. ^ :yes:
  5. No. But if you are obsessed with your appearance then I think that would be vain, not narcissistic.
  6. thanks guys! :heart:
    and i dont think im obsessed, just like to try to look good, so i can feel good about myself.
  7. From what you've described, you're nowhere near being like Narcissus! Now HE was narcissistic...clearly! heehee
  8. Exactly...besides, the universe clearly revolves around me, so not only would you be narcissistic, you'd be dumb, and no one likes a dumb narcissist.
  9. It's very normal to feel the way you do. There is nothing wrong with you. You said you are a teenager and there are alot of things at work in your body and mind right now. "Coming into your own" and growing into yourself is a perfectly normal time to pay attention to how you look or to your impression of yourself. Next time your family says this to you try saying this:

    "Well you know (insert name), I'm going through a lot of changes right now and feel like I want to look my best". "That's perfectly normal for a girl my age to feel and let's just be thankful I'm not behaving in a crazy fashion like sooooo many teenagers of today"

    I guarantee that will blow them away!!!!!
  10. It's my world, you are all just paying rent!:supacool:
  11. I would consider myself vein, but never narcissitic, any chance I have too look in the mirror, I will, just to check I look okay. But I suppose with my job, we are payed to look good, and if we looked bad on an occasion, we would be warned about it.

    I definatley wouldn't say you were narcissitic.
  12. there is nothing wrong with having pride in your appearance!! I encourage it highly. Im just like you, I dont feel complete until my hair is fixed and face looks good.
  13. um, it is a teenage thing and very normal. just don't get caught up in it and think thats all there is in life.
  14. I think as long as you're not parked in front of a mirror blowing kisses to yourself you're OK :noworry: