Nappy/Diaper Cake - With Pics & Step By Step Instructions

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  1. My girlfriend had a beautiful baby girl 2 weeks ago and after spending hours shopping around for the perfect gift I decided I'd just make it. Everyone I know has already bought her clothes, bottles and things like that so I wanted to do something special and different, so I created my very own nappy/diaper cake.

    It only took $30 (AUD) and an hour of my time from start to finish, and it was so much fun to make.
    Here's a photo of the finished product...


    And here are the step by step instructions on how I did it (refer to photos for more detail).

    1. You will need to buy a packet of 36 newborn nappies/diapers, a length of coloured fabric, ribbons, extra-large rubber bands, faux flowers, a small toy, a bottle of baby body wash (or something similar in size), thick piece of cardboard (large enough to hold the completed nappy cake), sticky tape and scissors.

    2. Start by placing the gift-wrapped body wash (or similar) in the centre. Roll each nappy up from front to back and using a rubber band, place side by side to form a circle. You will need approximately 5-6. These will form the inner ring of the first tier. Next, form a 2nd ring with the nappies (approximately 18) by placing them around the 1st ring of nappies. Complete it by placing a large rubber band around the 2nd ring. Now for the final ring of nappies for the 1st tier: follow the same instructions as before and place them around the 2nd ring to form a 3rd ring. Secure with a large rubber band. to hold them all together in a circular shape.

    3. The 2nd tier is made much the same way, only instead of 3 rings you will only make 2 rings of nappies. Just like the 1st tier the inside ring will need 5-6 nappies around it to form the 1st ring of the 2nd tier. The 2nd ring will need 10-12 nappies. Place a large rubber band around the completed 2nd tier to secure.

    4. Cut coloured fabric to fit each tier then wrap around and secure with ribbons. Place the small toy at the top of your nappy cake and decorate with faux flowers to finish.

    5. Place on thick cardboard tray and voila, you're done!

  2. ^Girlfriend, this is brilliant! :tup: What a beautiful idea for a friend! It looks so professional too. Thanks for the detailed instructions too. I will save them as you never know when you will need them! I love it!!!:yahoo:
  3. Aww thanks lovely. I hope my friend (and her bubba) love it too. :shame:
  4. omg I love love love it with the pansies, adds a beautiful touch that takes it up another notch! Gorgeous!
  5. Thanks for the compliment TygerKitty. :flowers:

    Larger photos ...



  6. Thank you so much for the instructions! I was going to make one of these a few weeks back for my SIL's baby shower but was sick with the flu at the time and so decided not to. However, I was thinking I might do it for when she actually has the baby. You made it sound quite easy and it looks so pretty.
  7. No worries noon. Glad I could help. I just noticed that my top tier is off centre... lol... had to rush over and straighten it out. It really is fun and easy to make, and the visual effect is pretty amazing at the end. I'm sure your SIL will love one of these and really appreciate the time and energy you put into it.
  8. Aww I love it!! I've seen these at a few baby showers and I thought it was such a fun creative and decorative way to give away useful diapers!! Thanks for the step by step instructions Teen!! :heart::yes:
  9. Thanks Missie. :hugs: So funny, when Jase saw it he thought it was a real cake with whipped cream. :lol:
  10. came out great!
  11. That is so very cool! Love the way it's so girly and colorful, plus their are so many things you could do to personalize it to the woman you are making it for!
  12. Thanks bagaholic85 and KittyBag. This is just a basic style so you could definitely personalise it to suit the mother/baby. On my next one I'll be adding a bib, pacifier, some face washers and a third tier. Will post pics when I'm done.
  13. Teen - this is FABULOUS girlfriend!!!
  14. Thanks hun. :flowers: I gave it to my friend and she absolutely loved it... so much in fact that after 2 weeks it's still sitting unopened. She said it's far too pretty to destroy! Until she desperately needs some nappies, of course. I had lots of fun making it and can't wait to do it again!
  15. great thread! thanks for the instructions!