Nappy Charm w/snap closure--do you like?

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  1. Hi, I am seriously thinking of getting the medium Nappa Charm in Soia. For those of you that have the Nappa Charm, what do you think of the snap closure? I'm normally a zipper gal, but am loving the look of this bag.

    Thank you!
  2. I don't mind the snap closure actually. It gives a nice slouch to the bag and I've never had a problem with things falling out. In fact, sometimes it even gives me a bit more room!
  3. It works fine for me too. Anyway the bag is deep enough that I leave it open most of the time... and so far so good....haven't lost anything yet.

    Plus it makes reaching in for things much easier.. :smile:
  4. When I shoulder carry it, my arm covers most of the opening so I feel secure enough. I leave it open all the time. I'm quite happy with the snap closure. It gives it a nice soft look on the top frame.
  5. I think the snap closure is silly. I wish it was magnetic.

    I'm not sure how a zipper would effect the look and appeal of the bag.

    The snaps do keep the bag closed though. It's not as secure as a zipper, but one would have to shake fairly hard to get things to all out.

    That said, don't let the snaps deter you. As others pointed out, it's a deep bag and so things stay put. And it's just a great great style!
  6. I was at NM last fall about to buy the black nappa charm UNTIL I saw that it had two snap closures (one at each side) instead of a zipper. I normally don't mind little things like this, but for some reason it turned me off the bag. I ended up getting a different black bag (which I love love love!)
  7. I can totally relate to this. A little detail can totally turn me off.