Napping at work

  1. *raises hands* During my second pregnancy, I was so fatigued that I fell asleep in the office bathroom. I got rudely awakened by the flush in the next stall. I'm comforted by the fact that our office bathroom is cleaned three times a day by a very fastidious cleaner :lol:

    BTW, your user pic is hilarious. Love it!
  2. :smooch::hbeat::drinkup:
  3. haha! It's totaly not possible at my job - I must work with a bunch of swine because that bathroom is NOT clean and the things people do / noises they make (not even bodily noises!) is just...uigh!
  4. Not allowed to nap at my job. You would get written up the first time and possibly fired second time.

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  5. i once was dozing off right in front of a manager when he was telling me what to do...he was staring at me with amaze. :lol: i ate too much at lunch...

    and i used to have a coworker would just doze off at his desk...gosh, he reminded me of a was quite common for him to do so. once his manager told him out loud to wash his face...but he still dozed off....hahaha...:lol:
  6. i have my own office and God willing I always will. I work as a therapist so I need my own office for privacy in seeing clients. That also means privacy to take a nap! ;) I don't know if we are "allowed" but I get my work done and when I feel I need it or can I will take a nap. Sometimes, it's just better to take a nap then try to be productive and end up making mistakes in documentation or not be able to focus in session. Unfortunatley, I've never had an office with a couch. I am sure I would have used it more than any of my clients and I've actually had an office with space for a nice long one. My office now, unfortunately barely fit me and my desk! :nogood:
  7. A co-worker fell asleep in a mtg and started snoring. In front if his boss. Then I broke out in the giggles the rest of the mtg.
  8. Haha I remember this happened to a student in a class back in high school-he was sleeping in the front row with his head propped up on his hand. However, his hand slipped out and he smashed his head on the desk-he woke up in a daze with a massive red mark on his head and the teacher was on the floor in tears laughing!
  9. I had a co-worker who always fell asleep in meetings but he had Narcolepsy and couldn't help it.

    I have a new co-worker who often crawls under her desk in her cube to rest. In an office, maybe but in a cube farm?? :shocked:
  10. When I was pregnant with my twins, I used to take a nap in my car at lunch time and wake up when the alarm went off. Thank goodness for parking garage and fall/winter pregnancy.
  11. My last company had a quiet room. Not sure I ever really fell asleep but there were a few occassions when i did sit in the dark quiet for 15-20 min to clear my head.
  12. I live close enough to work, that I can go home on my lunch and take a nice nap.
  13. Im shocked so many of you can get away with napping at work, must be some slack jobs! lol. Anywhere Ive worked there was always a watchful eye or people around, due dates/expectations that couldnt be met if you slacked off and of course repercussions.. I could never get away with a nap! lol
  14. I think it depends when it happens-if it's during your regular break, I don't think there is much that can be said (unless you fell asleep in the open where a manager may be concerned about how it appears to anyone walking by).