Nappa Umbria BV Leather & Pics!

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    Since there has been discussion on the differences between nappa and nappa umbria leather on BV bags, I thought I would contribute my possibly useless photos to the discussion! Useless in that the subtle differences in Limo are so hard to capture in photos that I didn't bother to post pics when I first shot them. :rolleyes:

    Nothing here is to say one leather is better than the other of course - just pointing out the differences.... this is what we know/believe - please correct or add to the list!
    • Nappa Umbria = lambskin that is treated with a special wax
    • Per BV: that wax enhances its appearance & feel; characteristic nuances and streaks of color accentuate over time.
    • Per members:
      • NU appears more tonal in some shades when compared directly to the same color in nappa
      • NU has a slightly stiffer feel than nappa. While it softens over time like all BV, it may never feel exactly as velvety as unwaxed nappa.
      • NU seems a little hardier/more resilient than nappa for wear and tear (but not bullet-proof!).
      • IMO NU leather appears more matte than the same color in nappa, and the leather strips are "chubbier"
    Hopefully some of you have more comparison pics to contribute. My close-ups didn't capture the difference as much as I had hoped, and neither did the faraway shots :girlsigh:
    closeup-nappa-umbria-&-nappa.jpg nappa umbria 2.jpg nappa-umbria-sloane-&-nappa-montaigne2.jpg
  2. bluegenie, this is excellent info. I think your pics are great esp the faraway shot. It does demonstrates the subtle differences of the leather make. I absolutely adore Limo, congrats on your beautiful pieces and thanks for contributing. :smile:
  3. Blugenie, thank for the information and the pics. It was very informative!
  4. My pleasure ms piggy and eugin! BTW I returned the Montaigne not based on the umbria issue but the combo of color/shape didn't excite me.

    Other points:
    • The BV website generally states the leather composition of particular bags BUT especially with newer styles the website info can be wrong. Early reports are that the Pyramid bag is NU (along with Sloane & Roma tote for starters)
    • When in doubt, check the care cards. NU bag cards mention the wax treatment :yes:
  5. this is noce umbria. i don't really see the tonal variations although my sa said she does. it has a very different feel from the nappa. i wouldn't necessarily say it is stiff exactly. i love it and prefer it to the nappa but i also love the feel of the ottone. so i may just like that type of feeling better.
  6. Thanks blugenie for all the lovely pics that you have posted. I have just one more question for you, I recently emailed my BV SA to ask if I should use Colonil on my bags and I received this reply,

    thank you very much for your nice mail! Our bags were already with nature wax impregnate, so it is at the moment not necessary.
    I think maybe you can use the Collonil Waterstop after a half year, not earlier.

    Is the wax impregnate she mentions different from the wax treatment given to Nappa Umbria???
  7. Syma, that's an interesting email. It makes me wonder if the wax treatment wears off after awhile.
  8. blugenie, great pictures! I love limo nappa umbria, and have never seen it in the nappa leather. So that means the montaigne is made of nappa, not NU? Thanks for posting the comparison pictures; while subtle, you can definitely see the slight differences in the two leathers.
  9. blugenie, thank you so much for your photos and explanation! I have been very confused about this issue, especially not living near a BV. I so much appreciate your clearing it up!
  10. blugenie thanks so much, your first pic especially illustrates really well what you were telling me about the differences in limo.

    now I want a limo sloane :rolleyes:
  11. Glad to hear this was somewhat helpful - DH thought I was just being obsessive when I took those pics!

    syma I can only guess your SA was referring to the NU wax... interesting since some BV SA's have said to never use a spray or treatment :shrugs:

    ouija board correct, the Montaigne is nappa like the Veneta :yes:

    I took a field trip to see some BV today and saw mostly NU bags this time! I saw Noce in both nappa and NU, and you're right annie9999, I didn't see much tonal variation but the NU bag was definitely a deeper shade. Maybe the tonal differences are more apparent in lighter shades like Limo and Old Petra.
  12. Hi, I am new to BV, and this is good information to know. Can someone advise me there is any price differences between the new leathers? :huh:
  13. Could this thread be stickied also? Such great information!!
  14. Thanks for this great comparison. It would also be great to make a list of which styles come with which leather.
  15. What a great tutorial! Thanks for the information, this is really great to have!