Nappa sensitive to light

  1. Reading the blurb on the Mulberry website, it says the Nappa leather because of the way it's been treated is sensitive to light. So what does that mean, exactly? Will it fade if you take it out in the sunlight and will the fading spoil it or enhance it?

    Anyone have any experience with this?

  2. Not sure about this one,I think anything,leather or not will fade in bright sunshine.I have been to peeps houses where they have had some quite pricey bits of furniture and they cover them or draw the curtains a little if its really sunny.

    I honestly think its only if you left it in prolonged bright sunshine you would have a problem,not occasional use etc,besides its hardly ever sunny in this bloody country!!!!xxx
  3. With the brighter colours I just wouldn't leave a bag lying in bright sunshine as it could fade it and make it look patchy. I've a convertible car and I try not to have my bags on the seat when I drive when it's really sunny.
    Nappa won't fade with normal use in summertime, just don't leave it lying on a table for hours in full sunlight.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Collonil actually gives some UV protection too! At least that's waht it says on my can but i don't know if you spray the nappa bags or not?!
  6. From what i`ve read about some of the Nappa leather bags , don`t think that I would buy one!
    Veeery soft leather and easy to damage and mark , not a good choice for me.
  7. Oh! Well am off to Harrogate shortly so I'll have a look at the care card if they have any in stock and then have another think about it. Have posted something about the one on eBay on the authenticity thread.
  8. I have a black nappa fendi spy and it does fade - it has become a bit of a grubby grey over the past year. Nothing too bad, but I'm sure it would look awful on bright coloured bags. As for the leather, it is very soft and lovely, but I wouldn't buy it anymore since it scuffs and rips very easily. Of course this could be because of the poor quality fendi offers; perhaps mulberry's bags are better!
  9. I got a nappa YSL satchel for Christmas,I sprayed it and it seems alright,don't know about the wearability factor yet as its white I'm saving it for summer.But Jo is absolutely correct,I have seen the uv proctection on the tins of collinil,seems to live up to its waterstop claims so I can't see why the uv block would'nt be just as effective.
  10. I have seen a spray you can get,in black,that revitalises fade. I used to use it on my work shoes,suede boots etc,and it really seems to work.I don't know if you want to give it a try on your bag,but I suppose if it fades beyond the point you are happy to still carry it,you could have a try then,when you feel it would only be sat in a cupboard anyway???
  11. Well, I'm glad I didn't go into Harrogate just to go to Hoopers! They didn't have a lot of sale stock left and what they did have I didn't like. My own fault, I left it too late.
  12. Uh-oh. I bought the Fleet in both brown and black at the Mulberry sample sale in NY. I couldn't resist -- they were marked down to $299 each! Well, whatever happens I'm sure I'll get my money's worth. I'm wearing the brown Fleet today (for the first time) and I have to say, it's a GREAT bag. Supersoft, lightweight and a lot of capacity. If it fades anytime soon, I'll let you know.
  13. Yeah, I'm very protective of my nappa Joni always worried I'll damage it. It's got marks from my clothes on the back of it too (probably off my jeans). Still, it's lovely and soft and nice to look at :lol:

  14. Sounds good, I'll give it a try when it gets beyond the point where I don't carry it anymore. It's alright now, but I don't think that will last very long.