Nappa or smooth leather?

  1. Hi,
    This is my first Fendi Spy and I am trying to get a online quote for a clean. They asked me if it was nappa leather or smooth leather :wtf:...... am I supposse to know this????
    Please tell me which one this is.......


  2. I would not trust my spys being touch any where else except a Fendi store, even if this means it being sent away to Italy to be clean. Its your choice but you are putting a highly valueable bag in the hands of people who do not deal with spys on a regular basis. This bag has a special coating to the leather it needs to be cleaned by experts. Just my 2 pence worth.:p by the way why has it got 2 authentic cards, where did you get the bag from?
  3. FF - Saich is correct about the is not Nappa or is coated as you can see when you look close to it....:sad:
  4. OMG :wtf: good question...... I didnt even realise 2 authentic cards until u pointed out! I bought this from eBay but it was verified by fellow PFers. And ok...u r right..... I will send it to Fendi for a clean :crybaby:goodbye bag for like another few months......
  5. It'll be WELL worth it! When it comes back it'll look sooooooo good...ahhh! Can't wait for pics after its clean!:wlae: