Nappa gaufre in ghiacchio sfumato...any owners out there?

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  1. I did a search and only found one thread on this...wondering if there are any other opinions, especially from owners of the new nappa gaufre in ghiacchio sfumato ('degrade' effect from beige to greyish brown)? It looks SO pretty in person! My only worry is it may be too delicate (but that applies to all nappa gaufres I suppose) and can get dirty easily. Is it/will it be prone to colour transfer too? I love it's casual chic look and will definitely wear it with jeans...

    Please share your views/experience!
  2. I don't have one but I would def be careful as far as color transfer (dark jeans etc)..I know..I love that bag too!!!
  3. yes this is a very very lovely bag :biggrin: i've had it since august :smile: i avoid carrying it when wearing denim because colour transfer will be inevitable and irreparable as advised by the sales staff.

    as for delicateness, i try to be as gentle as possible but there're the inevitable rubs against walls/people when i wear it crossbody and that's when my heart skips a beat :P but so far it looks as good as new :smile: hth
  4. dont have the exact bag, but a similar colored nappa gauffre in bambu... almost a year old, and it still looks new! i honestly don't baby it, knock around, placed on floors (home), carry w/ kids - what have you! corners remain immaculate... i should note though, i'm usually a dress or skirt gal, rarely wear jeans.
  5. I have this bag in the exact color- got it this year, and I LOVE it and the color goes with everything. I have had no issues with the bag at all including no color transfer as of yet.....I would totally be enabler for this bag!
  6. Go get it! It's a beautiful bag and it's too beautiful to be worn with jeans! Lol! I never wear jeans so I never had any problem with color transfer on my bags but I think you if you have a lot other bags to be worn with with your jeans, then don't hesitate to get this one. I got the feeling that this will be one of the most sought after bags from Prada in the years to come.
  7. Thanks ladies! Yes I am still fervently in love with this bag but the bad news is, it's currently sold out in the Prada stores in Singapore (closest to home) and apparently the neighbouring countries as well! I tried emailing to Joanna @ Prada Hawaii after reading all about her on this forum. And you gals are right...she is amazing! She responded within a day to say that it was also sold out in Hawaii, but they are currently awaiting stock replenishment and could put me on the wait list. She even told me the other (available) colour options i.e. brown degrade and nero with pics! Selling price + shipping via FEDEX turns out to be much cheaper than it would have cost me to purchase from Prada Singapore!

    I am now waiting for the good news from her...hopefully it won't take too long! :P
  8. Are you getting one? Don't forget to post pictures!
  9. They had a few at Nordstroms in there. I bought mine at the Las Vegas boutique and I LOVE it!!
  10. YES, YES, YES! :biggrin: Just emailed Joanna my order confirmation form today. Hopefully it won't be a very long wait! I will definitely post pics once it arrives...can't wait!!! :nuts:
  11. Yikkie did u ever get the Fairy Bowler?
  12. Well, guess what, in the end I decided to just keep my Fairy bag in cipria since it is a pretty bag (plus an LE piece). Also because I spotted the ice degrade nappa gaufre at around the same time and fell in love with it. Might as well get a different style than having two Fairy bags, LOL!
  13. ^ Funny b/c that's what I said in my comment after I voted hehe.

    I think the cipria is just stunning!
  14. HI,
    I recently purchases a Nappa Gaufre' Sfumato bag in Visone (brown fades) colors. It is beautiful, not too delicate like others, and seems to hold its color well. We live on a tropic island with humidity and lots of white all year round....I bought it while traveling through San Francisco but it is very hard to come by (was in New York today and they had none, and none in Milan a few weeks back).