Nappa Gauffre bowler in Tan leather??

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  1. Hi Prada Ladies! this is my first post here, i'm usually at Chanel as you can tell :P I've been falling in love with Gauffre and I'm on the hunt of finding the pefect one.

    I'm wondering if it is normal for the leather to have color variation like for example this one? It almost seems like defect to me, please share your knowledge, TIA!!!!!!!:tup:

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  2. Is this a new bag? Looks like it's been well worn and faded. But some of the gauffres do have color variations at the seams.
  3. hii Longchamp, yes it is supposed to be new :sad: the color variation is too significant huh?
  4. NO, I actually like the look of it, but need to see more pix of the bag. I love the gauffre style, it's my favorite of Prada, and it was made in many colors and styles. I have seen many of them, but certainly not all of them. It's a pretty bag, not a good color for where I live, but sure is for CA!!!
  5. That looks like the natural color and yes, it does fade in areas. I was looking at a hobo in this color and the SA pointed out the fading. She also mentioned that it's very prone to color transfer (picking up color from jeans and dark color clothing).