Nappa Brown Patent VP

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  1. I was at Saks Tyson's Corner today and they had a gorgeous dark brown greasepaint like VP. The SA said the color is Nappa Brown. They only had one, it was a return. I forgot to write down the size, but I think it was a 36 or 37. I have never seen that color before. They also had the all gold and all bronze VP's. I know some ladies have purchased the all siver VP's and these colors are just as gorgeous.
  2. Thanks for the update Ronsdiva- too bad I'm on a ban:crybaby:
  3. We also have that VP @ the Saks I work... I believe we have a 36 & a 39!
  4. Has anyone else spotted these VP's in store?
  5. does anyone have a pic, what type of brown are they? Chocolate would be yummy
  6. They sound lovely, like they would suit my skin tone.
  7. I saw two browns at Saks in Boca yesterday. One was like a chocolate brown and one was like a tannish brown. Both were gorgeous!!!!