Napoli in Ferro

  1. For all the Ferro Lovers, there is a Napoli on sale in BV Dubai - 40% off. I'm afraid I don't know what a Napoli is :smile: but just in case anyone had their heart set on one.

  2. Thanks for posting VKD, what does the napoli look like!
  3. forevercla presented hers in another thread in the color Pepe. I think it`s a nice bag, has such a vintage 40`s vibe to it.

    I just don`t know it I would like Ferro in the non-woven flap part
  4. I have no idea. I'm ashamed to say that I called and did not actually go into the store because I'm desperately trying to avoid the lure of another BV bag :p
  5. ^^Thanks C-24, I caught that thread, It is a lovely bag with the woven sides, I'm sure that it will be stunning in ferro as well!