Napoleon Perdis and Bourjois going to Target!


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
An ex-coworker of mine who is still employed with Sephora told me that both of these companies are going to target! Apparantly Napoleon signed on to be exclusive and is now 50% off on and in sephora stores.

Bourjois is going to target as well but is not on sale yet.

I don't know when either one is officially going to be in Target, this is all I know for now. I LOVE Napoleon, his stuff is amazing, but, I'm slightly worried about what it might change to when it goes to Target...and bourjois makes really pretty shimmer eyeshadows!

Just thought I'd post this in case any of you ladies enjoy these two brands!


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
what do you think of the napoleon perdis lip gloss?

ADORE it!! His lipstick is meh, but his lipgloss is soooo good! Closest thing I persoanlly compare it to is Chanel's lipgloss, only because it goes on sooo well and it's not stick and it lasts a long time. Colors are a little funkier, but, they're not extreme. I have a bright orange lipgloss from him and it mellows out A LOT to make it wearable, so, don't be intimidated by his bright colors :yes:


Aug 20, 2006
I was able to get these Napoleon Perdis products to try:

China Doll Eyeliner in Heaven
Eye Patrol in Private Olive
Loose Eye Dust in Blue Velvet
Auto Pilot Spy Eye Cream and Primer
Light Patrol Luminizer Palette
Lip Couture Set
Camera Finish Foundation


Jun 18, 2007
Yay, this is great news! I love Napoleon Perdis and Bourjois. The only thing is that I think NP is a little pricey for Target... I think the foundations retail for ~$40 and I can't see that going over as well with the Target crowd as it does at Sephora :shrugs: